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Whirl and Twirl is a couples club, and accepts membership applications by a male/female pair, who have achieved a square dance proficiency at the Mainstream level or above, and who are willing to abide by the rules of the club. Approval of applications is done on an individual basis by the executive board of the club.


Annual Renewal of Membership

December 1, 2008

Dear Whirl and Twirl Members,

It is that time of year again, when our annual membership fees are due. The Executive Board wants to make sure that our fee structure is clear to all members. We have such a beautiful facility in which to dance and we know that we all take pride in being part of Whirl and Twirl. Therefore, to maintain our hall we must budget our monies from January to January.

The period of Membership is based on a calendar year, and the membership fee structure is based on this.

The membership fee structure is not new. This is only an explanation of our existing plan.

OPTION #1: A yearly membership fee of $330.00, payable by the end of January, will give you full membership privileges through December 31st of that year. That is 12 months of dancing on Wednesday and Friday nights and participation in the following Club functions; TAW Appreciation Dinner / Dance, Club Picnic, Luau, Thanksgiving Dinner & Italian Night Dinner, etc.

OPTION #2: Payment of membership fees in monthly increments of $30.00. Should you choose this option, all payments must be made through December 31st. This gives the same privileges as Option #1. Failure to do so will revert you to guest status at $10.00 per couple per dance with no membership privileges unless membership monthly fees are brought up to date by the second week after your return to dancing.

OPTION #3: You may apply for Lifetime Membership after being a member for one year at a cost of $350.00 per couple and a yearly fee of $275.00. You may pay the fee monthly at $25.00 or pay the dance fee of $8.00 per couple per night. A Lifetime Membership has the additional privilege of maintaining membership with the loss of a partner.

Should a couple’s membership elapse, they must reapply for renewal of membership.

If you have any questions, please see one of the Board members.


Joe & Petra Tanner

2008/2009 Treasurers

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