Links to local and Florida square dance clubs

A Plus and Mainstream club in Lake City, Florida.  They also feature round and line dancing.  Bill Chesnut is their caller.

The home page of caller Charlie Pergrossi.  It also includes pages dedicated to the Grapevine square dance publication of Northeast Florida, to Charlie's club, the Tri-County Dancers, and lots of useful information.

This web site provides information on the clubs and activities in the greater Northeast Florida area.

The Florida Florida Federation of Square Dancers promotes the square and round dance activities in Florida where individual sites are linked together.

The Florida Callers Association is dedicated to the promotion & betterment of Square Dancing throughout Florida.

Links to square dance festivals and conventions

Home page for the Florida State Square & Round Dance Convention
The Convention is held on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend in Lakeland, Florida.

Home page for the National Square Dance Convention, June 24-27, 2015 in Springfield, Massachucettes

Grand Square is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of square dancing.
In addition to other activities, Grand Squares sponsors dance weekends in the Southeastern US.

Links to general square dancing information

Western Square Dancing (DOSADO.COM) is the largest square and round dance resource on the internet.
 It provides a gateway to internet resources related to square and round dancing.

Vic and Debbie's Square Dance Page provides information on square dance clubs and events throughout the world.

Lots of information on square dancing including a list of the Mainstream and Plus calls.

Home page of the Saddlebrook Squares Square Dancing Club in Tucson, Arizona.  It includes illustrations of each square dance calls (great for students),
plus they offer the opportunity to purchase cds that illustrate square dancing (click on Online Video Lessons at the bottom of their home page).

Illustrations of square dance moves from Basic through Advance (great for students).

Overview of square dancing including the benefits of dancing - includes videos of dancing.