About Us


After a lot of negotiations between the Dixie Dancers, the owner of the maple planking and the Lake City Recreation Department, we acquired the planking for $1000.00 in cash and a letter from the city acknowledging a donation for a further $3000.00.

We had the material for a new floor, but we were a long way from having a new floor.  There were three long years of back and forth negotiations with the Lake City Recreation Department.  When it seemed like nothing else was going to be done by the city, the men from our club installed the floor and our club paid to have it finished.

Through the years, we have had many painting and repair projects to help the city keep the building in good repair.  In the year 2005, the city finished some major renovations on the building which had been on-going for several years






The building we have danced in since 1978, has been around since the 1950's.  It was built by the City of Lake City as a place for local teens to have dances and socials.


In October of 1987, our club members started discussions about what to do with the floor.  One of our members, John O'Steen, presented to the club a source for getting maple planking.  Originally, it was an old portable skating rink floor.  It might be available at a minimum of cost.

By the 1980's, it had received a lot of wear and tear.  During that time the city had not kept it in good repair.



The wood floor was in very bad shape.  It was splintered and giving away in places.  It was not safe to walk on, much less dance on.  Dancing feet sliding across the floor often got stumped or splintered.


John & Catherine O'Steen