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We hope you will enjoy yourself through the whole learning to square dance process.

Experienced square dancers may pair with you during the time you are learning to dance.  These dancers are called, in square dance terms, angels.  It is sometimes helpful to have an experienced dancer guide you through the calls during lessons.

The club caller is Bill Chesnut.  He travels from Gainesville to Lake City every Tuesday evening to call for the Dixie Dancers.  Bill is a friendly person and will try to help you in any way he can.  If you feel you are having trouble with a certain call, please feel free to ask him questions.

The Dixie Dancers Welcome You!








The regular dance fee is $5.00 per person each week.

But to new dancers, the cost will be $3.00 per week during this series of lessons. 
Altogether, it takes about 20 - 24 weeks to learn the basic square dance movements.
If you miss two consecutive classes, it will be difficult to keep up with the new movements.
Try not to miss a class - new movements are taught each week.





The club meets every Tuesday
6:45 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Square dance classes
will be scheduled within
that time frame.



Standard Square Dance DRESS CODE:

There is a dress code in square dancing.  During the time you are learning to dance it is acceptable to wear casual comfortable clothing.  Men should wear long sleeves.

You may, however, wish to start acquiring square dance clothes right away.  After completing basic square dance lessons, square dance attire is encouraged at all square dances.  Anyone in the club will be glad to help you learn where to acquire square dance attire.  For the ladies, prairie skirts are now considered acceptable square dance attire.

Square dancing is a social activity as well as exercise.  You dance close to many other dancers.  As in any other social activity, personal hygiene is important.  A shower, a shave (for men) and clean clothes should be everyone’s routine before attending a square dance. Also, don’t be embarrassed by offensive body odor.  Use deodorant and avoid eating garlic and onions on dance nights.  Breath mints go only so far.









When you “square up,” join the nearest square needing dancers.

Don’t talk while dancing in a square. 
It is very important for everyone to listen to the caller and be able to hear the calls and instructions.

Barring some emergency,
NEVER leave a square once it is formed!!

When a square dance “tip” is over, thank all the dancers in your square.

It is important to
NOT DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES before or during a square dance.  It inhibits the ability to concentrate and results in poor dancing.









At the regular club dance,
between square dance tips,
there is a different type
of dancing going on.

It is Round Dancing.
Almost anywhere
there is square dancing,
round dancing is integrated
into the dance program.
Ralph Beekman cues rounds
for the Dixie Dancers.

Line Dancing
is also a part the
weekly dance program.
8:00 – 8:15
or thereabouts
Ann Hadsall
teaches line dances.
The Line Dancing
segment is about 15 minute
during a break in
class sessions.







Always smile, be cheerful and have fun.
Overlook mistakes by others and laugh at your own mistakes.
It is all a part of the fun of learning to square dance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Our goal is to help you have fun and enjoy
square dancing as much as we do.