Demonstration Dance

Lake City Mall
August 10, 2012


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At Home
September 11, 2012

Moose Promenaders
from Jacksonville

Alicia & Terry & Ann

Voncelle & Bob


Western Theme Dance

Demonstration Dance @ Life Enrichment Center
July 11, 2012

Dixie Dancers at the Florida State Square and Round Dance Convention
Lakeland, Florida - May 24 - 26, 2013

Bob Rosenthal, Barbara Rosenthal, Bob Hunnicutt, Terry Wallace, Faye Beals, Bob Wallace,
George King, Dexter Beals, Alicia King, Voncelle Hunnicutt, Sue Peterson, Gary Peterson

2013 Florida State Square and Round Dance Convention
Dixie Dancers & Vagabond Squares
Sharing Dancers is a Good Thing

Eileen Calloway - Bob Hunnicutt - Ann Hadsall


   January Birthdays
       Flower: Carnation
       Birthstone: Garnet

02  Alicia King
03  Cheryl Luker
 04  Bob Paule
 21  Duane Moore

   February Birthdays
       Flower: Violet
       Birthstone: Amethyst

 07  Mercelyn McCrea

   March Birthdays
       Flower: Daffodil
       Birthstone: Aquamarine

 09  Voncelle Hunnicutt
 10  Annette Conk
 28  Sue Peterson

   April Birthdays
       Flower: Sweet Pea
       Birthstone: Diamond

 01  George King
 06  Ann Hadsall
 21  Barbara Rosenthal

   May Birthdays
       Flower: Lily of the Valley
       Birthstone: Emerald

   June Birthdays
       Flower: Rose
       Birthstone: Pearl

 03  Aubrey Parrish
  24  Don Graves

   July Birthdays
       Flower: Larkspur
       Birthstone: Ruby

 02  Kelly Luker
 06  Gary Peterson
 19  Faye Beals
 21  Pinky Moore
 27  Mary Chesnut

   August Birthdays
       Flower: Gladiolus
       Birthstone: Peridot

 09  Wilodyne Minor
 21  Ralph Beekman
 28  Bob Wallace

eptember Birthdays
       Flower: Aster
Birthstone: Sapphire
 04  Bill Chesnut
 08  Ivan Hadsall
 18  Dexter Beals
 18  Wayne Conk
 27  Joann Paule

   October Birthdays
       Flower: Cosmos
       Birthstone: Opal

 10  Barbara Cutcher
 20  Donna Graves

   November Birthdays
       Flower: Chrysanthemum
       Birthstone: Citrine

 08  Ginny Thayer
 15  Jackie Thompson
 16  Terry Wallace
 19  Bud Thayer

   December Birthdays
       Flower: Narcissus
       Birthstone: Turquoise

 05  Bob Rosenthal
 09  Pat Caldwell
 22  Barbara Beekman

Dixie Dancers Club Picnic @ Ichetucknee River
June 9, 2012




Roaring 20's Theme Dance
May 15, 2012