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Bob Osgood
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Bob Osgood
1918 - 2003


Bob Osgood
was the driving force behind the organization of CallerLab.

The International  Association
Square Dance Callers


Bob has often been referred to as one of the most distinctive leaders in square dancing.

It was Lloyd "Pappy" Shaw that ignited the interest in what was to become Western Square Dancing. Bob Osgood was the one who helped propel it into a national pastime.

Bob's leadership guided the founding of Sets in Order Magazine, Legacy and Callerlab.

His contributions to square dancing continue to be felt by leaders and dancers around the world.


CallerLab began when a founding committee of four Hall of Fame
callers made up of
Bob Osgood
Arnie Kronenberger
Lee Helsel
Bob VanAntwerp
planned a meeting in 1971.

Tribute to
Bob Osgood

Published in
The Newsletter for
Members of


Fifteen callers from the Sets In Order Hall of Fame were invited to attend because their backgrounds and accomplishments formed the most impressive foundation of square dance caller-leadership at that time.

By working together, these Hall of Fame callers presented a "body of knowledge" that the greatest percentage of callers could respect and follow.

Summaries from past regional meetings were studied and, following a long preparation period, major discussion topics regarding the nature and needs of square dancing were prepared as a partial charter framework for the potential organization.


Arnie Kronenberger
1924 - 2004

Arnie was a close friend of Bob Osgood.

By the 1950's he was widely known for his exciting calling style.

He was a member of the Hall of Fame group that became the first CALLERLAB Board of Governors.

His influence and the respect that many callers had for him was very important for the early success of the new organization.


Lee profession was in the field of recreation and became involved in square dancing in 1946. He started his calling career in the late 1940's.  In 1960, he was sent by the Air Force to Germany, and other countries in Europe and North Africa, to help formalize American square dance programs in those countries.

He was inducted into the Square Dance Hall of Fame in October of 1970, and was one of the key founding members of CallerLab.


Lee Helsel
1918 - 2005


Bob was chairman of one of the country's largest and most effective parks and recreation departments.  He started calling square dancing in 1948 and was a pioneer in modern square dancing.

He instructed over 17,000 dancers and guided dancers on tours throughout 29 countries. 34 states and many provinces of Canada.  He traveled to countries in Europe and the Orient to provide caller training and served as leader for hundreds of traveling dancers.

As a member of the Hall of Fame, he became a founding member of CallerLab.  He served several terms on its Board of Governors and two terms as Chairman of the Board.


Bob VanAntwerp
1920 - 2005