64th Florida State Square & Round Dance Convention
Update #5

Summer is heating up in the Enchanted Forest, and the gnomes have been doing their best to calm down the dragons so they won’t make as much heat. The saplings planted for the Convention’s wood floor are growing well, and they have gotten their bark as well as their bite!

We would like to tell you about a new feature that your Ways and Means wizards will be bringing around soon. Wish trees are a Japanese tradition where people write their wishes on paper or wood and hang them from trees or wire forms resembling trees. I can’t tell you how often the wishes come true, but I can say for sure that when you buy a wish, it will help our dreams of a great Convention come true by helping to pay for the flooring. We will have colorful paper and other materials to choose from, and you can decorate them any way you fancy. Make a wish, say “Hi” to that special someone, or share whatever philosophy happens to move you at the moment. Put anything you want (that would not be bleeped on broadcast TV) on the card, and we will display it for the duration of the Convention. Also, be sure to look through the wish trees during the Convention, because, who knows, there might be one for you! Here is an example: www.travelblog.org/Photos/4064835

We have mentioned the Blast Class before, and we would like to remind you of the opportunity that is available for new dancers and dancers who will be taking classes in February. Wizards Bob and Keith are preparing a great weekend of fun and learning for folks who are new to square dancing. The class is intended for people who are completely new to square dance, and for people who are already taking lessons. The goal will be to teach about half of the mainstream program, but the focus will be on a fun weekend and a chance for learners to get some good floor time.

In the past, there was really nothing for people to do at a Convention until they had completed Mainstream classes. This class will give your friends a chance to experience the fun of dance as well as the fellowship and excitement of a whole convention of dancers. Please let your non-dancer friends know about this opportunity, and please ask your caller to announce it when your fall or winter square dance classes begin. Also, at the Convention, please stop by the class from time to time to be angels. Ribbons for Blast Class students will be $35 no matter when they register.

Lastly, I have a few words about the dress code. Some folks have actually asked me what “clothing required” means. Many of us love getting all gussied up in our Square-Dance Finest. Nothing beats the sight of folks in their fancy outfits, skirts whipping and bolos flying. And some folks are a little put off by it. Wizard Linda and I frequently go out in square dance outfits, and never, not once, ever, has anybody told us “I just have to learn to square dance so I can dress up like that too!” So, what kind of clothing is required, you might ask. Go ahead, I’m listening.

Funny you should ask, because I actually have several answers for that: Dress as you wish to be remembered. You will be dancing with six or seven hundred of your best friends, and they will remember. If you would wear it to the shopping mall, you can wear it here. If you would wear it to the gym, maybe not. Most important, don’t let clothing choices be a problem. Be comfortable. Be stylish. Be outrageous. Be traditional. Be unique. Be whatever makes this the best Convention that it can be for you! Any questions?

Until next time, be nice to the dragons. Summer is hot enough already!


National Square Dance Convention

Show Me Kansas City in 2018” is the theme of the 2018 National Square Dance Convention to be held in Kansas City, Missouri, on June 21-23, 2018.

As we design the activities for this national convention, excitement is building as we progress through the planning stages. Many of you have been involved in a national convention in the past and are acutely aware of the many hours of planning that go into the execution of a memorable convention. It is with great gratitude that we “thank” the many folks that are working behind the scenes to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy square dancing and experience Kansas City in 2018. Your early registrations are extremely helpful in our planning process and translate to making your experience in Kansas City one for the memory book.

If you have not subscribed to the electronic National Square Dance Convention newsletter, please do so. This is a wonderful tool to keep you informed of the latest news for all upcoming national conventions. This publication is designed to keep dancers informed of opportunities for serving, participating, and enjoying your national convention. Please visit natsq@nsdcnec.com and follow the link to subscribe. I strongly encourage everyone to do so. If you have fellow dancers that are not computer savvy, please be proactive and print your copy to share with them.

All roads lead to Kansas City; thus we are extending a very warm welcome to you and yours to visit our city in 2018!

Jane Hon, Publicity Chairman

Webmaster Bruce Morgan