Club News

Briny Breezes Square Dance Club

Briny Breezes...There will be dancing at Briny in September! The Southeast Association will hold its ”Membership Dance and Ice Cream Social” the afternoon of Sunday, September 24th, in the Briny Breezes auditorium. We’ll have early rounds, alternating Mainstream and Plus tips, and will close out the afternoon with Advanced tips. The host caller will be Scotty Sharrer; Jack Lewis will be the host cuer. Other callers and cuers will also be participating to help make this a great dance. Questions? See the listing under Calendar of Events on the Florida Federation website or give me a call.

Steve Adler 

Buttons & Bows

Lakeland...We have been dancing all summer. In July we were raided by The Temple Twirlers. Now it is our turn to get even. We must wait a couple of months because so many of our club members have fled the Florida heat. We have scarcely enough of us remaining to assemble a full square of members who are able to travel. We are planning to hold our annual meeting in October, when we will name our officers for the new year. Until then we welcome all of you to our floor in Lakeland, where the remaining few of us still display our happy feet.

Jim Meier

Canaveral Squares

Rockledge...Autumn is almost upon us and soon the snowbirds will descend upon us and the dance floors will be crowded. Well, I can dream, can’t I? Canaveral Squares dance in Rockledge at the Hope Church at 2555 Fiske Boulevard every Tuesday evening with our caller and teacher, Rick Yates. The new class started August 1st with two new students and one lady who has taken lessons in the past, but did not complete all the calls due to different factors. She is hoping to be able to go the route this time and fit right in with the students that are about to finish mainstream. With the advanced mainstream students (I hate that designation) filling in as angels, the class advanced rapidly through the first lesson with flying colors. I find that using the graduating class as angels for the new class helps greatly. It reinforces the early lessons and gives them a look at all they have accomplished.

In other news, Richard Bradley was presented with a dangle for marching with the honor guard, representing the United States Coast Guard at the state convention. Ailene Picheco has taken on the task of providing the honor guard and the flags for several years now. That lady rocks!

Somehow, the articles for August didn’t make it into the magazine last month. Must be remiss in my duties.

The Canaveral Square

Capital Twirlers

Tallahassee...On Monday, July 31, 2017 Tallahassee was invaded by two squares of Belles & Beaux from Valdosta, Georgia. One square was to retrieve their banner and the other square picked up club president, Jon Kern’s shirt, since their banner was out to another club.

Jon was a good sport and proudly wore a shirt the club loaned to him to wear to replace his shirt. Their shirt was GRITS (Girls Raised In The South) and it was also PINK. B&B is in the process of “decorating” his shirt, before he picks it up.

We danced to Elmer Sheffield and George Lavender. A great time was had by all.

C U N A square (see you in a square)!

Renee Garrett

Dancing Diamonds

Melbourne...Oh! My! The diamond in the rough had a mental lapse last month. Must be old age sneaking up on me. I sent news of Dancing Diamonds as Dixie Dancers. No such club in this area. I guess I got confused with Dixie Diamonds which is the advanced level club in Melbourne. Dancing Diamonds dance at the community center at Wickham Park, every Sunday afternoon. Lessons for mainstream will start there on Sunday, September 17th, with John Swindle teaching and calling. It has been a rather slow summer with smallish crowds, but with some of the dancers from the old Allemanders club attending, we have had at least one square almost every week. Now if a couple of our members can recover from broken toes and other ailments, the winter season looks quite good. John is a great teacher and keeps the class moving along at a good rate. Hope to see you in a square soon. Maybe I’ll even remember to what club I actually belong.

The Diamond In The Rough

Granada Squares Denim & Lace

Ormond Beach...We are happy to have a half dozen or so new dancers participating each week in our Beginner’s Class. New dancers are joined by “angels” to help assure success. Classes are free through August 29.

Our regular club dance is every Tuesday. We dance mainstream and plus interspersed with lines and rounds. We have been blessed to have Don Brown as our round dance Cuer at many of our dances. Don is new to the area, but has over 15 years of experience as a cuer. He will be teaching round dancing at his home in Palm Coast. Call Rod Barngrover at 386-749-4767 for more information.

September 5 is our Labor Day Dance. The date has also been designated as Pie Night. So, bring a pie of any size and some appetite. You may even be able to bring some samples home.

Get Happy! Get Healthy! Get Square Dancing!

Ted Frank 

"Pairs & Spares

Casselberry...We dance at the Casselberry Recreation Center every Sunday afternoon and are pleased to recognize our visitors for the month of July: Dora Cloud (Whirl & Twirl), Ella Davis (Western Squares), and Klaus, Ulla and son from Germany.

At our Memorial Day dance, Rod Barngrover called for the Hoedowners. Rod also called for our Pie Day Dance. We appreciate Rod’s availability and square dance calling skills. We are fortunate to have the leadership skills of Gene McCullough (club caller), Dick Nordine (club cuer), and Jerry Baron (President and line dance leader).

Special events in July included our annual Red, White & Blue Indoor Picnic and also our annual Pie Day where we had a good variety of choices on the table, everything from peach and pecan to chicken pot pie. On July 30th, our caller called a “no hands” tip at the Dangle Dance.

Sunday, July 30th, was also graduation day at the Hoedowners. We had six graduates who each received a certificate and an invitation to join the club. Congratulations to: Retta Finn, Jeri and Peggy Huston, Donna Bilodeau, Dean Robinson, and Joel Allard!

Retta, Donna, and Dean have official become club members, so a double congratulations goes out to them. Welcome to the club!

On August 20, the club will have our annual Crazy t-shirt and hat day. Formerly it was just for crazy t-shirts, but this year we’ll wear both. We will have pizza of many types, so don’t miss it!

Visit our web site at  Michael Craft, our official photographer, regularly posts photos of our club dances and special events.

We love visitors so make plans to come and dance with us. Our dance program includes squares, rounds and lines. See you Sunday!

Norma Newton, Publicity

Orange Blossom Squares

The Villages...We have to leave for family emergency for about three weeks, so a quick one for September.

September, Orange blossom Squares return to dancing every Sunday of the month.

September 3 - Dave Towry calling, Loretta Hanhurst cuing.

September 10 - Jack Lewis calling and cuing

September 17 - Whit Brown calling, Loretta Hanhurst cuing.

September 24 - Bob Stern calling, Lloyd and Ruth McKenrick cuing.

Mike and Wanda David

Palm Bay Promenaders

Melbourne...Okay! So we are not Really in Palm Bay, but that is where we originated. We dance every Thursday evening at the community center at Tropical Haven Mobile Home Park with Dale McClary as our caller and Scott Valee as our real live cuer. Yes, we still have a live cuer who cues phases 2 through 4. He is also the club president along with his partner, Lynn Lenochi. Great job, Scott. Although we are not having lessons at this time, Dale does do a workshop on some of the calls that don’t get used as much as some others. We do have a few dancers that were absent from dancing for some years, but they get integrated right back into things very quickly. The club welcomes dancers that need a brush up without going through the whole program. Always looking for new dancers, and looking forward to banner raids. Give us a call. We really want to see you.

The Old Promenader

Temple Twirlers

Tampa...I hope everyone had a nice summer. I am looking forward to some cooler weather. Of course here in Florida, we may not get any for another month or two. We are looking forward to our caller Ron and Sue Reardon’s return September 18th.

Remember September 4, our facility will be closed. This is Labor Day. Enjoy the Holiday!

September 11, we will have a Hobo Dance. Allen Snell will be calling. Hopefully we will have Hobo stew

October 2, we are having a Breast Cancer Awareness Dance. Pink is the color to wear. Ron Reardon will be calling. We will be collecting quarters to be donated to Breast Cancer.

On October 16th we will have an Oktoberfest Dance. Do we have any Germans here? Ron Reardon will be calling.

On October 31, we will have our Halloween Dance and Birthday/Anniversary Dance. Ron Reardon will be calling.

October is going to be a very busy month. Let’s have a great turn out bring your friends.

November 13 is our Veterans Day Dance. Ralph Peacock will be calling.

November 20 will be our Thanksgiving Day Dance. Ron Reardon will be calling.

Our cuer is Charlie Lovelace.

Hope to see you in a Square.

You can find us on the web at or on facebook. We dance at Oak Grove United Methodist Church in Tampa every Monday night.

Yellow Rocks,

Kathy Allen

Whirl & Twirl

Orlando...June was a somewhat quiet month, but we are still alive and well. Wednesday evenings we had at least four squares enjoying Whit’s mainstream calling with line dances between tips. Our Friday evenings are just a little more subdued, but we again have a very dedicated and elite group of dancers enjoying plus squares with smooth round dancing by Dick Nordine between squares. We invite each and every one of you to join us whenever your plans will allow that to happen.

There were seven couples who routinely dance with us at Whirl & Twirl who traveled to Ocala on July 1st for the FUN dance that was called by Whit Brown and Rod Barngrover with rounds cued by Beverly Landwehr. There were at least l8 squares on their floor all afternoon and a fantastic time was had by everyone that I had the pleasure of speaking too. That was followed by a great dinner of pulled pork, potato salad, baked beans and other great goodies.

Renzie and I look forward to dancing with any and all of you who have the opportunity to read this.

July was a slow month, due to vacation plans for many of our regulars. Wednesday nights with lines and mainstream dancing has been well attended with most of our new graduates joining us. Root Beer Floats were enjoyed by quite a few members and guests on July 12th and 14th.

We look forward to Fall (Cooler Weather) and more people to return and dance with us soon and often.

Yellow Rocks,

Virginia Barnes

Yellow Rock Squares

Daytona Beach...The Yellow Rock Squares were invited to attend and perform a demo for the CFA’s 5th Saturday dance on July 29th of this year. They did their “4 Corner” routine which allows our Caller Rick Yates an opportunity to introduce each of our performing dancers. This particular demo is a mixture of Contra with some Plus thrown in for some “Razzle Dazzle” which the kids love to do. They like to finish a demo with a group huddle in the middle of the floor. This time on the count of three they all said “With sand in our shoes”.

After the demo the kids were invited to dance with the Association members. Rick called some of the new mainstream steps that the Second Sunday Angels have been helping us to learn. It is through this volunteer program that has helped our dancer improve in their dancing skill. The idea behind the Second Sunday Angel program is to have a different couple from the surrounding clubs come once a month to Angel our dancers in learning the complete mainstream dancing list. He finished by calling TRACES for the singing call part of the tip which is a favorite with our dancers.

Our next three dances will be on August 6th, 13th, then we will be off until September 10th for some vacation time, Rick and Marilyn sure do need it! By the way, these last two dates are also Second Sunday Angel dances, so please come and join us for some unique fun! We really do appreciate all of the support that the CFA members are giving us! Hope to see you on a dance floor soon!

Please call 386-734-2110 to verify that we are dancing on August 13th and September 10th, just to be sure.

Jean Hitt

Webmaster Bruce Morgan