What are Clubs? - Do I Have to Join?

Square Dance clubs are autonomous organizations formed for the single purpose of holding square dances. Clubs arrange for halls, produce advertising, hire callers, hold beginner classes and promote the dance form. While no one is required to join a club, being a member allows you to be part of a social group with a common interest.

Whirl and Twirl was indeed formed for the purpose of holding square dances, but like others, we take pride in being part of the intimate social community that is unique to square dancers. Not only do we dance and have fun in this unique atmosphere, but we celebrate the wonderful friendships we have found here, in this and other club activities. We have a very full annual schedule, with regular Wednesday and Friday night dances at our club, and we take opportunities to visit other area square dance clubs as a group. Members can also take advantage of being able to participate in a variety of other club organized special events and social activities.

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