I Have Square Danced Before - What's Different About This?

Today's Modern Square Dancing is the "grown up" cousin of yesterday's art form: contemporary music, sophisticated choreography and intellectual challenge. Many people remember square dancing from their school days. Most often those were "traditional" square dances, set to old time music with repetitive patterns. It bears some faint resemblance, but there is a lot more to it now than a simple "allemande left" and "right-and-left grand".

Modern Square Dancing is "Friendship set to Music". The square dance community is truly a circle of friends, with roots in the dance, and branches of friends throughout the world, especially since Modern Square Dancing is standardized. In fact, in some countries, (notably Germany and Japan), it has become extremely popular. All the calls remain in English and are danced the same way, no matter where you are. Wherever you travel, you can find a square dance and friends!

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