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Turning 50 is a Milestone!

The Whirl and Twirl Square dance club is in its golden jubilee year, and will celebrate this coming June, with two days of celebrations! The first evening will be a member party, on Friday June 1st, in which current members will join together in a tribute to a half-century of fellowship through our square dance club. At that time, members will be able to witness the effort that has gone into documenting and presenting the history of the club and learning a little about the many characters that have contributed so much over the years.

The second will be an open dance celebration, on Saturday evening June 2nd. On this occasion, all square dancers are invited to share our joy. It will be a great Mainstream/Plus dance, hosted by national caller Jet Roberts. Jimmy and Carol Griffin from Tampa, will cue rounds. And we will come to Party!

The little square dance club burst onto the Orlando scene with callers Joe Curtis and Joe Johnson, back in 1962, and grew into one of the largest and most well known over the next 40 or so years with caller Danny Robinson. It has continued to provide an inviting and friendly environment in which to share good friends, good music, and our love for square dancing. In 1994, with the foresight of many very talented and enthusiastic members, we took ownership of our very own square dance facility, and subsequently paid off the mortgage in 2006. With the continued support of our members and friends, we plan to continue in that tradition for many years to come.

Highly skilled callers and cuers, including our own Danny Robinson, Paul Place, Whit Brown, Dick and Darlene Nordine, Roy Brown, and Pete and Jan Shankle, as well as many visiting national callers and cuers, have graced Whirl and Twirl's stage over the years. Additionally, the club has hosted some great local and homemade productions, that have added to the fun and fellowship we share (and helped to pay the bills).

Annual member events and our continuing commitment to the success of square dancing clubs and organizations in the state of Florida, have also reinforced the camaraderie we share with square dancers everywhere.There's an intimacy that happens around the activities of square dancing, that often doesn't exist in other walks of life. This is especially true among the members of Whirl and Twirl.

Credit for repeatedly filling the house belongs not just to the callers and cuers, but also to the service of our generous members, who have contributed in varied ways to the success of Whirl and Twirl. It is a member run club, and especially during this anniversary year, we express great pride in each of them as members, and celebrate their involvement in the success of the club.

You are invited to take some time to peruse this site, the associated links to the year book restoration project pictures, and excerpts from our last 50 years. History is a strong current that threads through the fibers of Whirl and Twirl, as it has a full, colorful life of its own. From the beginning, when the club migrated it's way through a number of local facilities to conduct our dances, and throughout the years, the club has remained intimately entwined with life in Orlando.

And while we're celebrating the past, we're also looking forward. A big part of our attitude towards this celebratory year, includes an ongoing interest in new people to discover us. We also hope that it's a chance for our friends and neighbors to rediscover square dancing, and to come home to Whirl and Twirl for our 50th celebration.

Whirl and Twirl Square dance club knows how to make 50 look fabulous. For upcoming events and further information, stay right here on www.whirlandtwirl.org, or contact the club's officers and committee members. We are at 6949 Venture Circle in Orlando, FL 32807, and you can phone us at 407-679-2882.

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