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Terri & Tim Wilaby
Cuer since 2008

3:30 - 5:30 pm
Phase II - IV
Ragon Hall
Pensacola, FL

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From Terri & Tim Wilaby, Cuers since 2008

Well, another year has come and gone.  Thank you to all of those who have made the year a success! 

From the Cha-cha class, we would like to welcome new members Rhett Williams, John and Crickett Durkin and Butch and Marie Antone.

We now start focusing on the new rhythm, waltz.   To go with the new rhythm, we join the 21st century.  Dancers can now start paying class and club dues with their credit card.  I’m sure those interested in the class will especially like to take advantage of this.  ‘Course I’ve heard a club member or two who have said it would really be nice to pay with their card instead of having to carry cash…

Well, as for the next class, see the flyer below.

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Terri & Tim Wilaby

1614 Galvin Avenue Pensacola, FL 32526
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