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Terri & Tim Wilaby
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From Terri & Tim Wilaby, Cuers since 2008

My goodness, another year has just flown by!  Tim and I would like to start by saying thank you to all the dancers for your wonderful support across this last year.  We never dreamed we would be doing this, or celebrating 6 years of it in February 2014!
Our Swing class stayed very strong and graduated 8 couples and 3 ladies on December 15.  With angels, this makes 11 of the fifteen couples we had start!  We are so PROUD of them.  They all worked very hard.  We hope to see them for the next class—Two-step!
So now it is time for the new year and we are rested and ready.  Are you?  January kicks off with the new class, Two-Step on January 12.  Then on January 18, Ted and Nancy Kennedy join us for the January Shine.
And don’t miss the Sweetheart Swing on February 1st.  Association callers and cuers will be providing some wonderful entertainment for dancers of all levels!  Then on the 21st, Canoe Squares have graciously invited us to cue for their 29th Anniversary dance!
March 8 sees a benefit dance for the Florida State Convention, then on the weekend of the 22nd we are back in Plant City for the RDCF Spring Weekend with Dave Goss and Ulla Figwer.
Before the next issue of the Press comes out, Barbara and Wayne Blackford will have provided a wonderful weekend of instruction for the dancers at the Springtime Rounds on April 5/6.
Look for flyers on all these dances on the web at:

Simply click on “Calendar of Events”.
If you are unable to join us, please visit one of the dances in your area!  Until the next time...

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