Square Wheels
Chapter 128

December 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017
Gypsy Squares #168 and Square Wheels #218
Our camp out was in the first week of December.  What a wonderful way to start the holiday season!
We had great warm weather for the weekend.  Oh, what fun checking out Dee’s new camper and Loraine and Vinnie’s remodel.
This was definitely the year for new rigs and working out their problems. Oh, the joys of RV ownership.
I bet Santa doesn’t have troubles with his RV.

Friday night we enjoyed getting together for a bag supper.
You can’t believe the crazy holiday outfits that show up for the dance.  It’s always so much fun.
There was a moose, Santa and his elf, and lots of crazy holiday sweaters.  We had a reindeer square dancing all night.
A sticker mixer just added to the fun.  Everyone got to sit on Santa’s lap to get their picture taken.
Thank you to Allen and his great art work for the photo back drop.
We surprised Jay and Teri with matching red aprons with embroidered ‘Master Chef’ written on them.  That they are!  
The after-party game, glow in the dark ring toss on the reindeer antlers, was different.  Lots of wine and goodies were shared. 
Saturday morning was off to the thrift shop and the Hog Valley Christmas parade.
I think there were more of us watching, than marching in the parade.  It was still fun!
Where else can we stop traffic and dance in the street.
Back at camp by noon to have a chili hot dog lunch, played a cell phone game and then made a snowflake craft, thanks to Barbra Rosenthal.
The work shops were well attended. 
Many helping hands to get the table set for our big holiday dinner.
Meanwhile, Jay and Teri (and their kitchen crew) Don, Sherry, Carolyn, Russ, Marilyn, Paul and Bob R. were busy preparing dinner.
Yes, Jay and Teri wore their new red aprons.  
Wow!  What a gang for dinner, sixty-nine of us.
The dinner was delicious, the pork was so tender, Jay and Teri never disappoint.
Thank you soooo much.  Thank you all for the goodies and dessert all weekend long.
Each couple received a Christmas tree adorned with a red bow and a special ornament with Bill and Ann’s picture.
Thanks, and appreciation to Bill and Ann for another great year of Calling and Cueing.  

After dinner, we all returned dressed in our holiday best for our group portrait. SMILE!
Pictures were taken all night with a new Christmas back drop.
I’m really happy how the pictures came out.
I love dancing to holiday songs that Bill and Ann call for our enjoyment.  
Our all-time favorite…. the Christmas gift exchange, it was the best one ever.  There was so much swapping.
Who would ever think of giving holiday toilet paper roll?  (with a surprise inside, scratch off lotto tickets)?
The show stopper was Dale and the G string, he even made a few bucks.
Everyone left with a smile on their face.
Thank you, Ron, for a great time.
Sunday breakfast was sausage and hot cakes topped with an orange cranberry syrup.
Thanks to the breakfast crew Ron, Linda, Bob, Gary and I.
We are so blessed to have two happy crazy fun loving camping and dancing clubs, enjoying each other so much.
Don and Sherry, and Gary and I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
Laura and Dennis Ramsey…. you were missed very much, and we were all praying for Dennis.  Looking forward to your recovery.  God Bless.

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