Square Wheels
Chapter 128

May 2014



We enjoyed a wild weekend at Williston Crossing RV Resort.
There were twenty rigs and we were blessed with perfect weather.
The dance hall was decorated in the animal theme.
The weekend started with a sack supper followed by a special treat of strawberry shortcake.
Thanks to Ann and Ivan Hadsell who brought gallons of strawberry toppings, and Teri Peck who baked the "shortcakes".
There was enough left for ice cream topped with strawberries at the Saturday after party.
All weekend we snacked on baboon butter, Hungry Hippo dip, Cheetah cheese and crackers, bags of peanuts and animal crackers

At Friday night's dance we were joined by the Clover Squares, a club from Williston whose President is Vickie Todd.
The dance hall was filled to the brim with six squares.
Both nights between each tip we asked an animal trivia question and the winner received a "prize".
The after party game on Friday was the Hairy Monkey - the gals were blindfolded and had to guess their man by feeling the guys hairy legs.
Some didn’t guess right and that just added to the fun.

Early Saturday morning some went to play golf while the others relaxed.
Thirty dancers  enjoyed lunch at the Ivy House in downtown Williston.
The afternoon was spent in the "wild" -  playing games. The elephant walk was very challenging.
At the Safari hunt, we had to find small plastic animals. Teams of lions and the monkeys were on the hunt for peanuts.
The wild animal sounds coming from both teams at the same time was deafening, a true call of the wild.
Four teams competed in the Sneaky Snake string relay, trying to get the snake down your pant leg was no easy task for some,
while others just got tangled up in string. On Saturday we enjoyed a wonderful potluck dinner - campers are the best cooks.
The Saturday night dance was held under the stars, in the beautiful pavilion that overlooks a pond and grist mill.
Some of the Clover Squares joined us again.
One last game was Baboon Butt, the gals had to run to get a balloon, set it in the lap of their partner,
and sit on the balloon popping it to see if there was a little piece of paper inside that had a number on it to claim a prize.
A fun after party eating ice cream and strawberries followed. 

Bill Chestnut, our caller, and Ann Hadsell, our cuer, got into the swing of things each night by wearing animal visors
Bill’s was a lion, so fitting because he calls "normal lions" forward and back and Ann looked adorable cueing in her zebra visor.
They are such good sports putting up with us.  

Sunday morning breakfast wraps, jungle juice and Gorilla grapes on a stick were served.
Ron and Linda Imus, Bill and Nancy Brown, and Gary and Gail LaRue got up early to cook and serve breakfast.
Andy and Malinda Rawls got off to the right start by not only helping but joining the Gypsy Squares as well.
Not only did we have a great weekend of fun but we are so pleased to announce we have our new members from Jacksonville.
Welcome Andy and Malinda! 

What a weekend! It was such a pleasure working and planning it with Ron and Linda Imus.
The games and the prizes made for a great time. Thank you so much.
We used suggestions made by members that just fit right in with the theme.
That’s what it's all about.
This is YOUR square dancing club - if you have any ideas on themes for a dance weekend and want to host a weekend, we are here to help.
The club is only as good as it’s members. It’s important to give our worker bees a break.
The best part is not knowing who belongs to which club - Gypsy Square or Square Wheels
we have become one big happy camping and dancing family.

May 16-18 was State Convention in Lakeland and we had a really good turnout.
The LaRue’s and the Piecora’s hosted the after parties at their new matching campers.
I think we should have a tradition of kicking of tires when someone gets a new rig, and they can have the after party and tour of the new camper.
It’s like showing off your new baby... everyone is so happy for you.


June 25-28
National Square Dance Convention in Little Rock, Arkansas www.63nsdc.com  

July 25-26
Peachtree Promenade 110 State Street, Commerce GA  30529 gshoemaker@att.net  

July 27-Aug 1
International Camporee - Pride RV Resort - Maggie Valley, NC, 4394 Jonathan Creek Rd, Waynesville NC 28785
(Looking forward to seeing you in the cool mountains)


Aug. 15-17
Square Wheels hosting - Wilderness RV Park - 2771 N.E. 102nd Ave., Silver Springs
Hwy 40 E. Past Silver Springs, after the bridge over the Oklawaha River on your left.
$22.14 a night including tax. 352-625-1122 Martha will make your reservations.
The GPS Address is 10313 E. Hwy 40, Silver Spring, 34488

Sept. 19-21
Square Wheels hosting - Southern Oaks RV Resort - 14140 SE 441 Summerfield Fl. 34491.
Call and make your own reservations at 352-347-2550 

Happy camping and dancing, 

Mary Chesnut   Joanne Engum   Martha Zimmerman
352-475-2550 H       352-300-3404 H
352-214-5880 C   904-707-0261   C   352-226-0118 C
marynut@cfop.biz   joengum@cfl.rr.com   marthazimmerman38@aol.com

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