Square Wheels
Chapter 128

September 2013

We had a wonderful time at the Camporee, Fabulous 50’s dance last weekend at Wekiva Falls RV Resort.
We had approximately 60 rigs, 13 squares on the dance floor & many round dancers.
Thank you to all the callers & cuers for a wonderful weekend.
We started off on Thursday evening with the poodle shirts for the ladies & jeans & white T’s for the men.

We had ice cream social for the after party with home made hot fudge & strawberry’s, etc.
Friday morning we started out at 6:45 with 8 golfers for a Captains Choice golf tournament between two excellent teams.
Of course we won with one over par, it’s the only way I will ever play par golf.
Just to watch these guys hit the ball was well worth getting up at 6:00 AM.
Friday night we filled the Cracker Barrel with loads of square dancers.
Friday night we wore our State Colors, it was a beautiful sight of Orange & White.
For the after party we had root beer floats.
Saturday morning we had our usual tables with books, purses made of men’s ties, lots of clothing, etc for sale.
We had 39 ladies enjoying the bracelet they made.
At 11 AM everyone came out for the pet parade.
This was the 1st year for a pet parade and everyone enjoyed watching the dogs strut their stuff.
A picture of the winners is attached.


Next we all went inside for some air conditioning & a hot dog lunch.
We couldn’t have packed anything more into the morning.
The callers & cuers held a workshop in the afternoon.
We had a group of ladies help update the photo albums of the past few years & we displayed the albums for everyone to see.
Saturday night we had a Square Wheels/Gypsy’s picture taken on the steps to the Springs,
thanks to Gail LaRue for organizing this.   She is one talented lady! 

Saturday night we wore our club colors for the Grand March.  It was beautiful.


We had as many as 13 squares dancing with everyone smiling.
For the after party we had popcorn & a blast from the past with all the old photos.
Gail LaRue (the expert) & I made a movie with the old photo albums.
Everyone enjoyed seeing the old & new pictures.
Sunday morning we had breakfast & a church service & most departed to home.

We had 42 early reservations for next years Camporee in Bushnell for a Beach Party.

What a wonderful weekend, now I can’t wait till next year’s Camporee.


Roger Tipps was taking reservations for the International Camporee in Pride, Maggie Valley, NC.
I believe he has taken 60+ reservations already.
Pride RV Resort can hold the 1st -100 camper reservations (you will camp with your Chapter).
The overflow campers will camp next door with a walk way between the 2 resorts.
There are park models available at Pride should you wish not to bring your RV.

MARK YOUR CALENDERS 11/1-11/3/2013
OCTOBER 25, 2013
If you have not completed  a reservation form for the dance part of the weekend
please do so by October 25 or contact Mary Chesnut
352-214-5880 cell or 352-475-2550 or email Mary at marynut@cfop.biz.

If you have not made your reservation for camping yet,
please do so by contacting Reserve America as soon as possible (this is for your camp site only at O’Leno).
If O’Leno is full there is another camp ground EZ Stop at the exit to Ellisville on I-75.
Take route 41 West off I-75, you will need a vehicle to come to the dance.
You must let the camp ground know you are with the Square Wheels or Gypsy’s so you will not be charged.

If you have been a member & worked a prior year the cost is $30.00 per couple for the entire weekend,
if this is your 1st year as a Square Wheel or Gypsy member attending the cost is $35.00 per person,
this covers the cost of meals & dancing for the entire weekend.

We will have a Pot Luck Dinner Friday evening, all are welcome,
just bring your favorite dish to share + utensils & plates.
All members are asked to bring a snack or finger food for both Friday & Saturday night dances.
Saturday we will have a hot dog/hamburger lunch for $1.00 per item.
Breakfast is provided on Sunday morning.
Listed below are the names of those who have signed up  to help out.
If your name is not appear on the list below please respond immediately to this email or contact Mary,
just because you have a camp site does not mean we know you are coming.
Likewise, if you are on the list, and are not coming please let us know you are not coming.

Aaron & Donna Adams Gary & Dianne Harrell
Pat & Lamar McMillan Maxine Thomas
Bill & Nancy Brown Jerry & Faye Wright
Bill & Bobby Calton Don & Sherry MacGregor
Bill & Mary Chesnut Dee Castell/Jim Weismore
Jay & Teri Peck Bill & Marie Teschko
John & Mary Burzo Bob & Barbara Rosenthal
Martha Zimmerman Walter & Jeannette Cry
Dexter & Fay Beals Bill & Ann Dunsworth
Art & Marlene Cole Paul & Marilyn Scott
John & Judi Corbet Tom & Pat Herscha
Bob & Jan Freschette Tim Hill/Angela Brown
Bill & Sharon Fields George & Alicia King
Russ & Carolyn Uber Gary & Gail LaRue
Bob & Teri Wallace Gil & Karen Gagne
Dale Frederickson/Joanne Engum

W e have the following bringing cakes for Saturday nights dance.

Rosenthal Chesnut King Brown Cole

November 15 & 16th

Poinsettia Ball, Fall Festival
Palms Presbyterian Church
3410 3rd Street So.
Jacksonville Beach, FL
Camping at Hanna Park, Jacksonville, FL

December 6-8th

Gypsy’s host their annual Christmas campout at Lake Oklawaha RV resort.
You won’t want to miss the Christmas Parade in Hog Valley.

December 14th

Save the date for the Square Wheels Christmas Party.

Thank you,
Bill & Mary Chesnut,  352-214-5880
Paul & Marilyn Scott,  904-264-9392

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