Square Wheels
Chapter 128

October 2013


What a wonderful weekend at Wild Frontier RV Park  with dancing, golf, workshop, trivia, book sale, after parties and Sunday morning breakfast.
We started out square & round dancing on Friday night with Bill Chesnut, calling the squares & Ann Hadsall, cueing the rounds.
We had several guests this weekend,  Laura & Dennis Ramsey, Ed & Elle Koerner, Allan Byland and Lolly Adkison.
The Ramseys, the Koerners, and Lolly Adkison all became new members of Square Wheels and Allen Byland became an associate member.
Denny and Sue Fogle renewed their membership.
We are certainly glad to have all of these folks as members of our club!

Saturday morning Bill, Don MacGregor, Paul & Marilyn Scott played Captains choice golf & yes we played with most of the Captains Balls.
I do believe a couple of us should give up golf completely.
In the afternoon we had a workshop with Bill & played Trivial Pursuit with 3 groups of excellent players.
Hand & Foot who were playing Hand & Foot cards along with playing Trivia.
Salty Dog team playing Bridge, workshop with Bill & Trivia at the same time,
and the winners were the Square Gypsy’s with 69 points with Barbara running the answers up before everyone else.
We had several quests from Jacksonville at the dance on Friday & Saturday night.
Saturday night Jack & Kathy McKinney, Linda Tester, Sue & Denny Fogle came to promote the Fall Festival
in Jacksonville on 11/15 & 16th at Palms Presbyterian Church, 3410- 3rd Street South, Jacksonville Beach.
Camping is at Hanna Park, Jacksonville.
If you have not purchased ribbons you may do so from Mary Chesnut, Joanne Engum or myself.

We had after parties both Friday & Saturday nights. 
Thank you to Jay & Terri Peck, Bill & Nancy Brown, Bill & Mary Chesnut who served up a great Sunday morning breakfast.
We missed all our friends that could not camp with us this past weekend.
Happy 80th Birthday to Joanne Engum who celebrated with family & friends on Friday night, we missed you all.

A couple of important reminders:

Let Bob or Barbara Rosenthal know if you plan on attending the Camporee on October 3-6th.
You may call Bob at 386-365-7136 or email Bob at rar123@comcast.net.
Lets make this the best CAMPOREE ever!
We need to have all the Square Wheels & Gypsy’s present at the Camporee!

MARK YOUR CALENDERS 11/1-11/3/2013
Contact Mary, if you did not already volunteer for a duty at the O’Leno campout.
You may call Mary at 352-214-5880 cell or 352-475-2550 home or email Mary at marynut@cfop.biz.
If you have not made your camping reservation yet,
please do so by contacting Reserve America as soon as possible (this is for your camp site only).
If you have not completed  a reservation for the dance part of the weekend please do so by October 25 or contact Mary at the numbers shown above.
We need an accurate headcount for buying supplies.
If you have been a member & worked a prior year the cost is $30.00 per couple,
if this is your 1st year as a Square Wheel or Gypsy member attending the cost is $35.00 per person.
This covers the cost of meals & dancing for the weekend.
We will have a Pot Luck Dinner Friday evening, just bring your favorite dish to share.
All members are asked to bring a snack for both Friday & Saturday night dances.
Saturday we will have a hot dog/hamburger lunch for $1.00 per item. 
Breakfast is provided on Sunday morning.

November 15 & 16th
Poinsettia Ball, Fall Festival, Palms Presbyterian Church, 3410- 3rd Street So., Jacksonville Beach, FL
Camping at Hanna Park,
Ribbons are available
December 6-8th
Gypsy’s host their annual Christmas campout at Lake Oklawaha RV resort.
You won’t want to miss the Christmas Parade in Hog Valley.
December 14th
Save the date for the Square Wheels Christmas Party.
We always enjoy our camp outs with everyone & look forward to next months camporee.

October 17, 2013

Hi all…….for those of you who attended the Camporee at Wekiva Falls…we are  glad you had such a great time.
For those of us (Dale and I included due to the fact that Dale’s new RV was not ready yet)
who were not able to attend,  let’s make a point to put it on our calendars for next year
at Bushnell with a “Beach Party” theme.
Many thanks to Gail LaRue and her crew for decorating the hall and the pictures show what a great job they did.
I knew I did not have to worry, things were in good hands.
Thanks again Gail for fulfilling our duties and attending the meetings.
Good news for NSDCA, she has volunteered,
along with all of the help she can get from #168, to “beach” up the hall in 2014!
I am enclosing the slate of officers that Ron Imus, nominating committee           chairman has presented:
Presidents Gail and Gary LaRue
Vice-Presidents Linda and Ron Imus
Secretaries Judi and John Corbett
Treasurers Teri and Jay Peck
We will have a short meeting at O’Leno at which time we will announce this slate to all of the members present.
There will an opportunity for additional nominations for each office.
 A vote will be taken for the final nominated slate.
According to our by-laws the new officers will be sworn in at our December campout at Ocklawaha
and will take over their positions on January 1st.
As past-presidents Dale and I will remain on the board and will do all we can
to keep the Gypsy Squares “The Best Club in the Area” (along with the Square Wheels)….right?
We are happy that the combining of the two clubs with our wonderful caller,
each keeping their club identity with their own chapter numbers took place during our term of office.
It has been such a boost to both clubs and the friendliness brings joy and fun to the dance floor and to all of our social events.

You have all received Marilyn Scotts Square Wheels Newsletter and can draw much information from it.
Thank you #128 for agreeing to shared newsletters eliminating repetition
and proving once again that two chapters can work together so successfully.
If you did not receive it please email me joengum@cflrr.com  and I will check our email list to make sure you are listed.
This newsletter is directed mostly to the Gypsy Squares but I will have Judi forward it to the Square Wheels also.
Looking forward to seeing you at O’Leno.

Yellow Rocks, Joanne and Dale

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