Square Wheels
Chapter 128

June 2013



At the present time we have decided that whichever club hosts the monthly campout will be the one writing the newsletter.
Marilyn did a great job with the April one so hopefully you will enjoy Joanne’s.
Writing about such a fantastic “ducky” time at Williston Crossing in May will be a piece of cake.
We cannot thank Gail and Gary LaRue - committee chairmen and Ron and Linda Imus - their dedicated co-workers for one of the most fun weekends we have had in a long time.
(Imus’ had so much fun they volunteered to chair the campout at Williston in 2014)!
Mark May 16-18 on your calendar so you don’t miss that one!!

The Friday evening “sub and chip” supper was a “ducky” way to begin the weekend.
It was a byo subs and they made for interesting conversation……”you have THAT on your sub”….but all were delicious I am told.
Fortunately there was a subway close by but they didn’t serve duck meat subs!!
The pavilion was very nice for the evening dance, a cool breeze in addition to their newly installed ceiling fans (just for us of course).
Ann started off with early rounds and Bill was his usual party mood self, calling lots of fun tips.
We had 7 couples from clubs in the area join us for the evening (some of whom were Bills groupies - right Bill?)
Our “ducky” social after party was held in the Gazebo. Our Duckmaster Gail started the weekend off with a “ducky” quiz at supper, one of the fun games she planned for every event.
There were ducks everywhere, even duck hats were provided for the committee members and the officers, callers and cuers.
She thought of everything to keep us reminded that we were having a “ducky” time.

The weather was a little warm but the golfers took off for the course Saturday morning,
while most of the others did a little antiquing in town before gathering at the Ivy House for a delicious lunch and a little gift shopping.
It is a “ducky” place, a must do in Williston.

Saturday afternoon was one of the wettest afternoons many of us have spent in a while.
The wet t-shirt contest (you will have to ask Gail about that) was followed by a gun fight
(yes we all came prepared with squirt guns) but the king of the guns was none other than Ivan Hadsall…..power by the hour Ivan (thanks for the bath - right Barb?).
The next event was the shaving contest.
Now that was really “ducky”, the partners were give bibs and the guys cans of shaving cream which they proceeded to squirt across the table on their partners face.
You know what is coming now…..they used squirt guns to “shave” the cream off.  It was hilarious.
The ducks in the pond followed that event, which was a good swim in their beautiful pool.
Such a fun afternoon and it was great that the golfers returned in time to join in.
Prizes were awarded for all of the events, many of us went home with some of the cutest little ducks…good job duckmaster Gail.

With all of the day’s activities we  came to the pavilion with appetites, easily satisfied with  the delicious covered dishes and a multitude of “ducky” desserts.

Early rounds kicked off the evening, a good job by Ann and Bill called some really “ducky” tips.
We had visitors from outside the USA who were so fascinated by our dancing that before long Bill had them out on the floor
and their faces beaming after they finished a teaching and singing tip.
Future foreign dancers we hope.
Our duckmaster Gail even had a game for our after party held once again in the pavilion.
Lots and lots of wine bottle ring tosses, lots and lots of failures, lots and lots of laughs, lots and lots more of “ducky” fun.

One of the “ducky-ist” things of all was the build your own breakfast burrito breakfast.
Jay Peck was in the beautiful outdoor kitchen doing his thing of course.
Thanks for the help Jay and Teri and once again thanks to the committee for such a wonderful, fun “ducky” weekend. 

The State Convention found lots of gypsy’s and square wheels in attendance, dancing, visiting and having a great time.
We have a break for a couple of months, but don’t just rest up, keep those dancing shoes shined and enjoy your area clubs and special dances.

Mark these dates on your calendar:
62nd National Square Dance Convention in Oklahoma City, June 26-29th, 2013.
56th Annual International NSDCA Camporee, Goshen, Indiana, August 20-22nd, 2013

The Square Wheels will be hosting the next Campout:
August  16-18    Wilderness RV Park
2771 N. E. 102nd Ave. Road, Silver Springs
Old Colby Woods Campground
Hwy 40 E past Silver Springs
After the bridge over the Oklawaha River on your left
$20.50 a night plus tax
Martha will make your reservations.
The GPS Address is 10313 E. Hwy 40, Silver Springs, 34488

Have a wonderful summer and look forward to squaring up with y’all some time, some place.
Make sure you check out our websites at www.floridadancing.com/squarewheels (you can click on Gypsy Squares from our site and yours will come up…good job webmaster Bruce).
128 and 168 are two of the best numbers ever!

Yellow Rocks,
Joanne and Dale

Martha Zimmerman Mary Chesnut
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