Square Wheels
Chapter 128

December 2011

O’Leno Hoedown – Nov. 4, 5, 6,  2011 at O’Leno State Park, High Springs, was a great success.
The weather was cold and beautiful.  We had about 15 squares dancing and many sitting out visiting.
The callers and cuers were great. The Saturday evening dinner cooked by Jay & Terri Peck, was fabulous.
The breakfast crew did an outstanding job and the chili, burgers and dogs were great as well.
We all appreciate the fine cooking.  Everyone pitched in and helped.
Thanks, to all for all of your hard work.

The Square Wheels Christmas Party is Dec. 17th, at Grace Presbyterian Church in Gainesville.
The address is 3146 N. W. 13th Street (US441).
We will plan to eat at 5 pm with party and dancing to follow.
There will be a Chinese gift exchange (limit $10) you can participate as a couple or single.
If you would like to volunteer to cook a ham, please call Mary C. by Dec. 9th.
Martha has volunteered to cook the turkey.
The Club will reimburse for the meat.
Plates, tableware, cups, napkins, drinks & rolls will be provided,
so just bring your favorite casserole, salad, vegetable, or desert to go along with the meat.

Please pay your dues by Nov. 30th.
They need to be mailed to National by Dec. 5th.
The dues are:
$32.00 a couple renewal plus Insurance = $38.00.
$22.50 a single renewal plus insurance = $25.50.
If you pay for insurance with another club, then tell Mary Chesnut for her to list the name of the club.
Then you would pay $32.00 couple and $22.50 a single.
Make the check payable to Square Wheels.
If you don’t plan to renew, please let us know as well.

Fall Festival is this weekend Nov. 18 & 19 at St. Paul’s Catholic Church,
428 2nd Ave. North, Jacksonville Beach, Fl. 32250.
Some of us will be camping at Hannah Park, 500 Wonderwood Dr. Atlantic Beach, Fl. 32233.
The cost is $25.43 per night. Phone 904-249-4700.

The Gypsy Squares will be camping at Ocala Sun Ranch, Dec 2, 3, 4.
From the Gypsy Squares Newsletter:
We would like to know if you plan to attend.
We hope that all the Square Wheels will join us, too.
Please do so by November 26th so Jay and Teri can plan their fabulous as always menu, compliments of our treasury.
Desserts are welcome.
You can email me at
Please call the campground, reserving your site with the Gypsy Squares 1-877-809-1100.
The rally price is $27.00 per night.
We will have a hot dog picnic supper Friday at 5:30p.m., compliments of our treasury.
You are welcome to add to the fare if you wish,
and are asked to bring a few finger foods, large soda’s etc. for Friday and Saturday dances.
And of course….we will have a wine and cheese after party social each evening.
Our Chinese gift exchange…a nice holiday touch for Saturday evening or maybe afternoon.
If you wish to participate bring a $5.00 minimum wrapped gift to get in on the action.
Lots of Laughs as always! 
We will cap off the weekend with a breakfast on Sunday morning.
It will be a weekend of fun and fellowship, dancing and eating, gifting and auctioning.
We hope to see everyone there.

New Years Eve Dance – Dec. 30- Jan.1 at Pacetti’s Marina & Campground
Orangedale near Green Cove Springs, on SR-13N.
Come camp for $22.00 a night including tax and dance ‘til midnight.
If you plan to camp please contact Martha Zimmerman for reservations.
Dancing, & dinner, party favors, door prizes and etc. all for $45.00 per couple.
The GPS address is 6550 State Road 13 N. St. Augustine, 32092.
Please register in advance so we can plan on you for food and party favors.
You can contact Mary Chesnut, Bobby Keefe or Martha Zimmerman.

There will also be a New Years Eve Dance in Anthony
with Celebrity Squares and Prestige 55.
Ken Perez will be the caller and Ed Hauck the cuer.
Call Jeanette and Walter Cyr 352-629-0437 for more information.

January 20, 21, 22, 2012 our campout will be at Pacetti’s Marina & Campground
Orangedale near Green Cove Springs on SR-13 N.
Let Martha know if you are camping, she will make the reservations.
The cost is $20.00 per night plus tax.
The GPS address is 6550 State Road 13 N.  St. Augustine, 32092.
Friday night dance at 7:30 PM is casual.
On Saturday Square Wheels will host a hot dog lunch complete with side dishes, for everyone.
Saturday night 5:00 PM covered dinner and dance at 7:30 PM, square dance attire. 
Sunday Breakfast 8:00 AM, we need a couple of volunteers to cook.
There will be a sign up sheet for the rest of the year.


Martha has Square Wheels red shirts for sale all sizes for $20.00.
We have had a web site for the past couple of years.
It is very nice, check it out

Happy Birthday

Happy Anniversary

Alaine Blackmore


Gary & Diane Harrell


Bob Rosenthal 12/5 Donna & Jerry Robey 12/3
Verma Mae Gedman 12/12 Lamar & Pat McMillan 12/4

Bob Redding

12/15 Dan & Anna Foust 12/19

Anna Foust


Mary & John Burzo 12/24

Ray & Barbara Stiver


Prayers for recouping members:

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