Dick Nordine

Dick Nordine
835 Old Lake Harney Rd
Geneva, FL 32732
Email rnordine@juno.com

Dick and Darleen started learning to Square Dance in 1970 in Ft. Lauderdale.  The following year they started Round Dance lessons.  Dick started teaching his first round dance class in the fall of 1973 at the Gold Coast Swingers Square Dance club.  The following years were busy ones as they joined the Round Dance Council of Florida, did a lot of study and practice, and cued at local clubs giving them a solid background in the Round Dance program. 

Summer of 1977 saw the Nordines moving to the Orlando area where they established the Merry Go Rounder’s Round Dance club May 13th of 1980.  The club was gradually expanded to include Carousel Club # 186.   Dick was club cuer for the Orlando Singles, Whirl and Twirl, West Orange Peelers, and Big Potato Squares at various times during a 10 year period.  Their education continued also, and they became members of Roundalab and URDC. 

Some of the special events Dick and Darleen have taught and cued at include many appearances at the Florida State Convention, Round Dance Council of Florida events, special dances at Disney World, Circus World, Cypress Gardens, the Singles State Convention, National Square Dance Convention, and too many more to list. 

1987 was the year Dick accepted an appointment to the U. S. Department of State as an Engineering Security Officer, and they left the Orlando area.  The Nordines worked at various embassies and consulates around the world. Darleen enjoyed filling secretarial positions and doing home instruction in English. Dancing and cueing followed right along, and in their last post, Tokyo, Japan, he was club cuer for four years at the “Otori” (Big Bird) Squares.  They were guests at many of the local Japanese clubs anniversary dances near Tokyo, and had a cueing spot at the all Japan National convention. Dancing a round dance waltz and a square dance tip with Prince Akahito and his Princess were highlights of their tour. 

They retired and moved back into their home in Winter Springs in 2003. After extensive house renovations, they returned to teaching and dancing in the Orlando area. Dick presently cues at the Hoedowners and has a class following the square dance on Sundays