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Presenting an overview of the Council, Round Dance events and People who contribute to the Round Dancing in the State of Florida.
The Council
The Council was organized over 50 years ago with a charter, briefly, to:
Promote and correlate American Round Dance activities
Receive and disseminate current Round Dance news
Foster and promulgate friendliness, cooperation and non-competitiveness
Encourage & provide motivation and sponsorship for activities
Publicize in every way possible these aims and purposes

The Executive Board
for the calendar year 2019- 2020



Lloyd & Ruth McKenrick

Vice President

Fran Keller



Terri Wilaby



Earle & Carol Collins

The Board of Directors of the Council includes the incumbent Executive Board and the Immediate Past President, Susan Snider

Membership in the Council is available to those involved in Round Dance cueing & teaching.

Membership Application Form.


Please print the form and send with appropriate check to the Council at the mailing address at the bottom of the form.

Round Dance Council Constitution
Round Dance Council By-Laws


The Round Dance Council of Florida welcomes you to all our activities as dancers or prospective members if you are Teachers/Cuers.


Round Dance Council of Florida
Byrdie Martin Scholarship Fund Scholarship Application

Scheduled Round Dance Activities

Annual activities of the Council include a Spring and a Fall Weekend of Rounds.

The 2018 Fall Weekend of Rounds will be held September 20 -22, 2019 with Curt & Tammy Worlock
Click Here to download the flyer and registration form
The Council member for information on this event is Susan Snider, phone 904-908-5184, or by E-mail
The location of this event will be the Strawberry Square, 4401 Promenade Blvd, Plant City, FL


The Council actively participates in the presentation of Round Dancing at the Florida State Square & Round Dance Convention
to be held February 21 & 22, 2020 at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach,
providing the cueing and the teaching of the Rounds.
Information for the 2020 Convention may be obtained from Terri Wilaby, 850-712-5230 (email).

Click here for the 66th Florida State Square and Round Dance Convention Web Site.


To watch videos and view pictures from previous State Conventions
Please click here

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