Scheduled Round Dance Activities

Annual activities of the Council are the Florida State Convention in the Spring and the Winter Weekend of Rounds.

The 2021 Fall Weekend of Rounds will be held November 19 -21, 2021

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The Council member for information on this event is Cindy Bunn (864) 723-6965, or by E-mail
The location of this event will be the Strawberry Square, 4401 Promenade, Blvd Plant City, FL 33563



The Council actively participates in the presentation of Round Dancing at the Florida State Square & Round Dance Convention
to be held March 18-19, 2022 at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach,
providing the cueing and the teaching of the Rounds.
Information for the 2022 Convention may be obtained from Terri Wilaby, 850-712-5230 (email).

Click here for the 67th Florida State Square and Round Dance Convention Web Site.


To watch videos and view pictures from previous State Conventions
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