Florida Federation of Square Dancers
President's Message

Well, we’ve survived a terrific Florida State Convention and a really, really fun National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia and we’ve just passed the halfway mark though the calendar.


I would like to welcome our many new dancers that have recently graduated from their Square or Round dancing classes. Remember to share your publications with the new dancers and encourage them to subscribe to your local square & round dance publications (Panhandle Press, Grapevine Magazine, Keepin’ Posted, and West Coast dancer blog (DANCERgram) and our Florida State printed publication (Bow & Swing). There is even a national printed publication (American Square Dance).


Just as communication is important to our beloved Square & Round Dance activity, we also need everyone’s help to manage the activity and keep all of our Clubs, Associations, and even the Federation running. We need Club representatives to attend meetings with their parent Associations and to bring the information discussed at the Association meetings back to their clubs (even if the club is a ‘Caller or Cuer-run’ club). All our Associations need to send representatives to the Florida Federation of Square & Round Dancers meetings. The delegates from the Associations should be sure to bring information back to their respective Associations and share the information with all their clubs.  We need your delegates at the Federation upcoming meetings.


Also, of great importance is the management of our Clubs, Association, and Federation. While we all love to dance, we need to keep our groups healthy and vibrant by ensuring we have people running our organizations. Please volunteer to help on your Club, Association or Federation levels. For any organization to remain viable, we need an exchange of new ideas to help “shake out the cobwebs”.


The positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. are not very labor intensive. They (on average) require only a few hours per month. Especially, since most of our meetings are arranged on a quarterly basis. Even Caller-run clubs, should have periodic meetings to let all the dancers know what’s going on in their areas.
I hope you are making your plans to join us at the 66th FSSRDC to be held in Daytona Beach on February 21 & 22, 2020 at the Daytona Beach Ocean Center.  Have you booked your hotel room?  The Convention Host Hotel is the Homewood Suites, 165 Bill France Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL.   Square Dance Rate is $99.00 + tax per night.  Please see the convention website for more information and make your plans now!  www.floridasquaredance.com/convention
Dancers, purchase your 66th Florida State Convention Square & Round Dance Convention “2020 The Power to See the Future”, to be held February 21-22, 2020 NOW!.  We are excited the 66th Convention is going to take the dancers into the “Future”!  And the FUTURE is our YOUTH!   So, the Convention is offering a special promotion to encourage our families to bring our dancing youth to the 2020 66th Florida State Convention….ANY YOUTH UNDER THE AGE OF 16 WILL GET IN FREE…Yes, FREE!  If the youth attends the convention with a parent, grandparent, etc., whom has purchased a ribbon to the 66th FSSRDC Convention.  The 66th Convention Chairmen are not setting a limit on the number of youths that can attend with their family.  Youth are the future of square and round dancing and our adult dancers will lead the way for them to join in the laughter, smiles and fun just dancing!  
Purchase your Convention Polo Shirt (Ladies Purple & Men’s Navy) 1 for $25.00 or 2 for $45.00.   Also, on sale are raffle tickets for a beautiful Quilt sewn and donated by Diane & Jeff Hissong and a Ring Video Door Bell.  These both are a must have!! A doorbell that offers you security and you can see who is ring the bell or if you are out shopping you can see what is happening in the front of your home on your cell phone.  This Raffle is worth the value of purchasing your tickets; 3 tickets $5.00 or 7 tickets for $10.00.  A quilt that will add beauty to any room is 1 ticket for $1.00 or 6 tickets for $5.00.  Check with your Association Presidents or Ways & Means Chairman in your area.  Each Association has a photo flyer for the quilt raffle. You can also see the quilt on the Federation website by visiting the Convention page.
The Convention Committee is collecting “pop top” can rings to be given to the 66th FSSRDC Co-Chairman Shannon Reid, whom is utilizing this activity for school credits.  Please save the pop tops from all cans and give them to a 66th Convention Chairman or your Association President.  Shannon will be donating these pop tops to a Charity. And we as a square dance community will be showing our support for our organization and community!
I hope you have the opportunity to find some great dancing this summer!

Cheryl Miller, President
(850)533-7168; pe.miller@outlook.com

Webmaster Bruce Morgan