Hitch 'N' Go  #082

Honoring Hitch 'n Go 082 Board Members
4:30 PM January 29, 2011

by Dot Nimmons






This poem was written in love and appreciation for our board's years of service and dedication.

Program for the evening honoring the board
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Tributes to the Board of Directors

President’s – Phil & Deanna Sortore
By George & Sandy Oakes

Our club caller, Ron Reardon and his wife Sue are escorting our President’s, Phil & Deanna Sortore.

Phil & Deanna joined Hitch ‘n Go May 1, 1990. Another lucky day for Hitch ‘n Go.

We just don’t know where to begin with these two. Treasurers for umpteen years, Chapter Reps., Sports Chairpersons for the Camporee and this past year for the National Camporee in Orlando and Presidents for the last two years and again for this upcoming year. It really says something about a couple who moves across the state and still remains faithful to this club, let alone hold a position on the board, chase down a caller while on vacation, and show up for every campout. That is Dedication!!

Our first real weekend in this club was in Nov. 2000 at River Forest. We had just joined the club and were having the time of our lives. We knew a few people in the club, but we were trying to remember names and faces. That night, the building shook with the loudest shriek, right in the middle of a tip, with “GO GATORS”.. We now knew who Phil was and we would not forget… if Gators are playing Seminoles, you may want to make sure you wear ear plugs or depends. You probably will need them.

Because Phil conducts such nice short meetings, but has a lack of gaining attention except with his knife, we would like to present him with his very own personalized gavel. We also would like to present Phil and Jim a new pancake flipper for those great camporee breakfast gatherings.

We would now like to open the floor to anyone that might want to share some thoughts, memories or stories. Ace, would you like to start us off?

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you ‘Your Executive Board’.

Past Presidents – Dick & Nancy Fournier
by George & Sandy Oakes

Lee & Joyce Whitten are escorting our Past Presidents, Dick & Nancy Fournier.

Lee & Joyce are Past Chapter Reps and have also held Secretary, Vice President, President and Activities Director positions on the board over the last ten plus years.

It all started back in 2000. Dick & Nancy were being prodded to go camping and dancing with this camping square dance club. Ron can be pretty persuasive. They acquired their first motor home – ‘the Wimpion’. They worked very hard getting it ready so they could attend the 25th FANSDC Camporee that was being held at Thousand Trails Resort in Clermont. They really wanted to go, so bad that Nancy had to hold the carburetor linkage with a pair of vice grips all the rest of the way to Thousand Trails after breaking down on Highway 192 . After a rough start, it turned out to be a wonderful weekend and the beginning of their dedication to Hitch ‘n Go. The November campout proved to be another challenge and ended up with them being towed home from the ‘417’. December campout went much better and Jan. 11, 2001, they became members of Hitch ‘n Go.

In 2003, Dick & Nancy accepted the position of Secretary and thus began their longevity on the Board.

2004 and 2005 they were Presidents, 2006 past President, 2007 and 2008 President, 2009, 2010 and this coming year 2011, Past President. They are always there when you need extra hands, and it is very hard to keep Nancy out of the kitchen. In January, with the auction and other sales going on, they are there. At the October camporee, especially the last few where ‘082’ hosts the ice cream social, they are there making the hot fudge, dishing ice cream and as always, cleaning up.

In 2007, they organized a mystery trip after the December campout to stretch into the New Year. A great time was had by all.

If you ever see that flag that says ‘Follow Me’, jump in line because you can be sure it will be a fun filled time.

Vice-President’s – Jim & Laureen Kelly
By George and Sandy Oakes

Ace & Ann Taylor, Snooper Editors, are escorting our Vice President’s, Jim & Laureen Kelly.

Jim & Laureen joined Hitch ‘n Go March 1, 1990. What a lucky day for this club.

When we first joined this club, it was overwhelming trying to remember all the names of all the members. We would associate them with their campers, or the group they traveled with, or some other little way to help us remember. With Jim, our way of remembering, or associating him, was ‘the one who is always working on, crawling on or under, taking apart and putting back together, everyone’s camper or coach.” At Every Campout!

They have served this club in many capacities over the past twenty years. Just in the last ten years alone: Directory Printing, Wagon Master, Activities Director, Auctioneer, President, and for the past two years and this upcoming year, Vice President. Laureen is always the first one to ask if you need any help and it was hard trying to keep her out of the kitchen today.

Sunday morning breakfast at the camporee is definitely something you don’t want to miss. It is almost becoming tradition for Jim & Phil to do their breakfast thing. What a treat that is and Laureen’s grits just tops it all off.

Our guess is that Laureen does most of the negotiating for the campgrounds, but Jim is the one that collects the fees from the campers. He takes this job seriously…if you don’t pay up, you may end up with deflated tires.

We are so thankful to have Jim & Laureen as members of ‘082’.

Treasurer’s – Tom & Eivor Brown
By George & Sandy Oakes

Steve & Sharon Cormier, Directory Editors, are escorting our Treasurer’s, Tom & Eivor Brown.

Tom & Eivor joined Hitch ‘n Go July 21, 1999. Their first position was Activities Director for the year 2001. Years 2004, 2005 & 2006 they served as our Vice-Presidents. In 2009 they became our Treasurers and remain in that position thru this current year. They also hold the position of ‘Club Historian’ since 2006.

They are a very fun loving couple, prankster Tom and Eivor with her infectious laugh. Sometimes, you just don’t know how to take Tom. He can hold such a serious expression and pull your leg so bad, you don’t know what to think. When there is some mischief going on, you can almost bet Tom will be in on it somehow. He can get people to dance on tables by offering them some beautiful handmade jewelry. I’m surprised we are allowed back at that campground. If a new motor home is going to be TP’d, you can probably bet Tom is in on that somehow, even if it is just watching with that cute snicker on his face.

Be watchful in your square if Tom is on the sidelines. You may just end up with a new partner and not even know what happened!

There is always excitement when they are around. It could be a flooded basement in the coach, or a poor kitty caught in the slide-out.

All in all, as stern as Tom looks sometimes and thru some of those looks he gives, deep down we all know he is just a Big Old Teddy Bear.

We love you guys and we are sure glad you are a part of our Square Dance Family. 

Secretary’s – Tom & Jeanne Hartwig
By George & Sandy Oakes

Eddie & Joyce Julian, New Chapter Reps., are escorting our Secretary’s, Tom & Jeanne Hartwig.

Tom & Jeanne joined Hitch ‘n Go August 1, 2004. We are so thankful to our Dear Dot & Vic Anderson for bringing them to us.

They accepted the position of Secretary beginning the year 2006 and have remained in that position since. Jeanne has got to be the most organized person we know. She is on top of all aspects of this position and then some. As the saying goes, ‘she goes above and beyond the call of duty’. She makes sure the Square Dance World knows of Hitch ‘n Go thru the wonderful News Letters she sends to all the available publications she can. She keeps our club well informed of all news, good or bad.

Tom has jumped in the last few years and taken care of the sports & golf activities for the State Camporee in October.

For the last five years our August social campouts were held at ‘Walt Disney’s Fort Wilderness’. This is thanks to Tom & Jeanne for the organizing and Tom & Nancy, our Disney Cast Members, for making all this happen for those who chose to attend. What a great time everyone had and we greatly appreciate you doing this for us.

We often kid Jeanne about missing her calling. She should be a writer. She definitely has magic in her pen.

As the saying goes, ‘You guys are Keepers’.

Roasting the Board
By: Ace Taylor

Read at "Honor the Board" Ceremony
29 Jan 11 Old Mill Stream, FL

As we all have observed, Jim Kelly can fix anything and seems to look forward to helping anyone in need. In fact, Jim’s posterior is more recognizable leaning over someone’s engine compartment than his face--- better looking too! He carries a complete RV repair shop in his covered pick-up truck. Quite often, when someone needs a unique RV part, Jim turns up with the exact part at the next camp-out. Wonder how he does that!

Hitch ‘n’ Go is a stronger club because of the relationship between Jim and Phil. Their multi-course breakfasts on Saturday mornings are great social events. And, as we all observed, Jim was particularly helpful aiding Phil with his new external flat screen TV. We had no idea how much Phil enjoyed watching Spanish language channels.

Phil Sortore does a fine job presiding over his board meetings and managing club business at President.. . Phil served as Club Treasurer at least four times before becoming Pres .and apparently learned that job well. However, I’d like to squash any suggestion that Phil’s access to Club treasury funds had something to do with both Phil and Jim recently buying new RVs.

Another misconception needs clarification. Everyone accuses Deanna of steering the club to a pizza parlor on Friday nights. I have personally observed that Phil makes it his business to gobble down any uneaten slices of pizza left on the table, whether his or someone else’s. Giuseppie’s Restaurant, near the Daytona Beach KOA is a prime example. So Friday pizza night may not be Deanna’s fixation after all.

Perhaps least appreciated is Jeanne Hartwig’s role as Club Secretary. She is a stickler for details and has been immensely valuable to me as SNOOPER editor. No SNOOPER issue is released without her proof-reading and approval. Further, she is totally responsible for any off-color humor which might sneak into the SNOOPER....

Maybe the toughest job of all on the Board is the Vice President’s job scheduling campgrounds for the upcoming year. Coordinating the specific weekend, number of rigs, available dance hall, and special arrangements with the campground staff is no small task and a lot of patience is required. Laureen Kelly does that difficult job with a smile on her face and occasionally a grimace!

Tom & Eivor Brown have served as Club Treasurers going on 3 years. Apparently Phil left enough funds in our treasury for Tom & Eivor to buy a new rig too! As former Vice Presidents, Tom and Eivor also arranged campgrounds for two years, and as I mentioned, that is one of the toughest jobs as a board member..You may not be aware of Tom Brown’s devotion to our Square dance hobby. He is tireless in his support of several east coast square dance clubs and State of Florida Square Dance activities.

OK, enough of the kind remarks.


The continued success of our Hitch ‘n’ Go Chapter is due to its synergism. Synergism is roughly defined as the cooperative effort of two or more entities for the betterment of the whole. Dung birds which thrive on the undigested seeds they exhume from animal droppings is an example of synergism in nature.. Just picture that scenario! My next few remarks go downhill from there.

Jim Kelly’s exceptional talent in FIXING anything, whether mechanical, electrical, social or athletic is unexcelled. For example, Jim spent hours trying to fix Phil’s golf swing raising Phil’s golf prowess from rank beginner to mediocre amateur.

Another example: Tom Hartwig’s experiments with toilet paper dissolving in RV sewer systems was very helpful to Tom Brown when Tom proved that human fecal matter does indeed flow uphill.

This Hitch ‘n’ Go synergism concept can be summarized in the following ditty:

Hitch ‘n’ Go Synergism

Proving the role of synergism is quite an easy job

For there is ample evidence among our camping mob:

Jim Kelly can fix most anything, even a bird’s hurt wing

But although he tried, success was denied when he couldn’t fix Phil’s golfing swing.

Jim Kelly is our esteemed auctioneer ---selling treasures derived out of trash

But don’t get caught scratching your ear, for it may cost you a bundle of cash.

Jim helped Phil with his TV and such--who knew that Phil liked Spanish channels so much?

He helped Phil, though he didn’t wanna-----now all Phil’s channels say "Hasta Manana"

Tom Brown served the Air Force well and recognized his duty.

It’s likely he raided our treasury funds to impress his Swveed-ish beauty!

One time Tom offered his rig’s bathroom to a lady in distress, but he mistakenly turned on the wrong RV valve and it took us all to clean up the mess.

Tom Hartwig’s study of toilet paper and how well it fits the bill

Doubtlessly proves, Tom Brown’s assertion that fecal stuff can flow uphill.

Is it merely happenstance that club treasurers of yore

Are owners of the newest rigs?------ small wonder our Club’s so poor!

Deanne’s got a bad reputation subsisting on pizza and dogs

Now we know--- Phil serves as "clean-up" man leaving nary a scrap for the hogs.

So that’s what synergy mean to our club— I hope you believe that it’s true

That we’ll still succeed in coming years, it all depends on you!

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