Hitch 'N' Go  #082

March 2018

Hitch n Go chapter 082 March square dance campout

A good campout and dance weekend was enjoyed by members..some young folks came in to watch and Ron persuaded them to try out square dancing.  They must have enjoyed it as they were with us for 2 nights.
We ate well as we always do.  Trying out some local fare, which were excellent.  Sue Jenkins took
 care of us for breakfast with a delicious casserole and home made biscuits.  Helpers earned a $100.00 check  made of chocolate.  MMmmmm good!
Next month is the Spring Fling at Blueberry Hill in Bushnell.  A variety of Club Callers will be there for our
 dancing enjoyment including our own Ron Reardon.  Many 082 members will be staying in Bushnell for the week as our regular 082 campout is just a short distance away at Paradise Oaks.
  The Sortores and Browns have some good stuff in mind.  So come check us out, we would love to
 see you.

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