Hitch 'N' Go  #082

January 2017

Hitch n Go chapter 082 January square dance campout

A wonderful celebration was enjoyed at Lake Oklawaha by a great group of dancers, 
 all to commemorate 34 years for 082 members and guests.  Installing officers who are
ready to take on the challenges of keeping us going for another fun and active year.
We are so grateful to our caller Ron and beautiful wife Sue.  They are the glue that
help us all stick together as well as past officers, who have put so much of themselves
 into making us a family of dancers and friends. Now we have a new batch of folks
who will make their mark on our club.  We wish you success and look forward to all you do.
We are looking forward to some new campgrounds this year.  February in Clermont
at Citrus Valley.  This is a lovely park with very nice amenities.  March back at Lake Oklawaha.
Hope this time the weather warms so we can enjoy the outdoors hiking around the lake or maybe
 even a campfire.  We Floridians have had enough winter!
If your in Central Florida, we at Hitch N Go would be happy to have you join our camping
dancing weekends.  Your always welcome!
P.S.  Thanks to George & Sandy Oakes for coming all the way from Mass. and even bringing
the table decorations. 
Laureen Kelly


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