Hitch 'N' Go  #082

October 2016

Hitch n Go chapter 082 October Florida State Camp-O-Ree

A fabulous Camporee weekend was planned by our Florida Board of Directors and Chair Persons, even down to the cooler temps.  Thank you for your hard work.  The weekend was especially nice as we were happy to have George & Sandy Oakes travel from Massachusetts to join the fun.

Now itís time to settle into a camping dancing season filled with holidays, friends and family.  Looking forward to Thanksgiving, 082 will be celebrating together with all the fixins and a rousing weekend of square and rounds with our favorite caller Ron Reardon.  San Lan Ranch in Lakeland is the place and Nov.18-20 are the dates.  See you there!

January we will be celebrating Hitch N Go and our 42nd anniversary.  Squares with Ron and rounds by Ann Hadsall.  A special meal is planned.  Come join us.

Written by Laureen Kelly

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