Hitch 'N' Go  #082

January 2016

Hitch n Go chapter 082 Jan square dance campout

Our January 22-24 out campout was held at Old Mill stream.  It was a busy weekend.  On Friday members set up and got ready for the annual auction, garage/bake sale.  After the hard work, some went out to a local restaurant to eat.

Fri. dance was enjoyed by call Ron Reardon and cuer Carl Rod.  An after party was enjoyed.

Sat. morning was the garage/bake sale, and auction with our own Ron Reardon as the auctioneer.  Many thanks to all who brought items, helped set up, clean up, and best of all �buy up�

Sat. evening was a delicious dinner prepared by Sharon Cormier and her committee the Fourniers and the Jenkins.  A cake was prepared for dessert to celebrate the 41st Anniversary of Hitch n Go Chapter 082.

Prior to the Sat. dance, officers for 2016 were installed by Eddie Julian.  The officers are as follows:

President        Phil and Deanna Sortore
V. President    Tom and Eivor Brown
Secretary         John and Karen Lowe
Treasurer         Fredda Barlow

The officers led the 1st dance. 

We enjoyed dancing to our caller Ron Reardon and cuer Carl Rod

An after party followed the dance.  Many thanks again to our hostesses Cromiers, Fourniers, and Jenkins. 

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