Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

March 2015

Our campout was held at Homosassa Carefree RV resort in Homosassa March 27-29.

A big thank you to our hostesses Steve and Sharon Cormier, Dan and Sue Eversole, and Tom and Eivor Brown.

Friday night was a little different than usual.  Instead of going out to eat, we were treated with a pasta dinner.  Instead of dancing we were entertained with “pickin and grinin”.

Saturday started out with a delicious waffle/sausage breakfast.

Saturday evening we had a potluck dinner with lots of delicious food.

Our caller gave us a fun filled night of dancing.  We had enough spectators to get them up to enjoy an introduction to square dancing.

A big thank you to all for making this a successful weekend.

Karen/John Lowe

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