Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

March 2014


Blueberry Hill RV Resort
Bushnell, FL

Sixteen member rigs were in attendance for our March 28 - 29 outing. We also had guests camping along with members and guests visiting who were unable to camp for the weekend.

Hosts/Hostesses were Jerry Ann Lapniewski along with Ron and Sue Reardon. They had a wonderful spread set out for us on Saturday morning for breakfast. Thank you for all the fine food and work you did throughout the weekend.

Our weather was wonderful although somewhat chilly and windy; that is until Saturday afternoon when we had a tremendous thunderstorm with very high winds and a tornado warning! However, the storm soon passed and we were enjoying pleasant weather once again.

On Friday afternoon, seven men went golfing, playing 9 holes. Ron gave George the golf buddy, more on that later....

I understand some folks went out to eat Thursday to a Mexican restaurant; on Friday several went to Beef O-Brady's.

A square dance/round dance workshop was held on Saturday afternoon. Our dances Friday and Saturday were well attended with our caller Ron Reardon keeping us on our toes. Both dances were followed by after-parties.

We celebrated Fredda's brother Vincy's birthday at the pot-luck with a cake for him, and we sang Happy Birthday to him which he enjoyed.

It was nice to see Sharon and Steve's 4 year old granddaughter Brynna and I had our 5 year old granddaughter Emily with us for the weekend. Sharon and I managed to have them play together for a short time and they enjoyed themselves. I want to thank all the members who entertained Emily with their dogs; they all were the highlight of her weekend.

At Saturday's dance, Phil asked George and Sandy Oakes to come forward to honor them for all they have done for the club over the years. They have served in almost every capacity of our chapter. Always a tremendous help in the kitchen; they have provided us with wonderful spaghetti meals for our January Anniversary dinners. Sandy has been our Sunshine for a number of years designing beautiful original personal cards for members. They will be moving to MA in the near future. We all will miss them greatly and wish them the best in every way.

Earlier, Ron told us he asked Sandy what her favorite round dance is; it is 'Answer Me' so he had them round dance to that; what a beautiful dance and couple.

The golf buddy...it was made by George years ago for the men to give back and forth to each other as they golf for whatever reason they would come up with. Well, Ron was given it last time they golfed. He presented it back to George, telling him to take it with him to MA. When Ron goes up there in the summer they plan to golf together and Ron can bring it back to FL with the idea that if any other of our golfers heads to MA to look up George, play golf with him and give him the buddy; keep it going back and forth over time.

Jeanne Hartwig,
March 31, 2014

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