Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

February 2014


Our February rally took place at Sunshine Travel RV Resort in Vero Beach, FL during February 21st  and 22nd. Hosts and hostesses were Eddie and Joyce Julian and Bill and Eileen Kopp along with help from Bob Danza and guests Steve and Fran Powers with pancake help from Phil Sortore! Thanks to them and everyone else who chipped in to help keep the weekend running smoothly.

We had a very large turn-out of campers and guests; 17 rigs from our Chapter along with several visitors camping with us from Chapter 193.  We had a large number of round dancers who were able to enjoy the cueing of our guest cuer, Joanne Helton on Saturday night. It is always enjoyable to have Joanne and Ken come spend an evening with us.

Our caller, Ron Reardon, gave us two nights of fun dancing. He and Joanne also had a workshop on Saturday afternoon taking turns working with us on calls and cues.

Our pot-luck dinner was well attended, with 44 members and guests. Once again, we had a wide variety of great tasting dishes. Dessert was a beautiful 55th Anniversary cake for Phil and Deanna Sortore. Thanks to Al and Mary Teschner for ordering and bringing it to the rally.

Once again, our Chapter took home the trophy for best attendance at the International Camporee held in July 2013. We had it on display at the Board Member table during the pot-luck dinner.

We welcome new members Denny and Carol Huff to our family. They are from IL and spend the winter in FL. Many thanks to Roger Tipps for taking the time to come to Sunshine Travel to sign the Huffs up and present them with their membership card. It was nice to see him driving around the campground in his new yellow Spark visiting with some of us.

It was wonderful to see Ace and Ann Taylor at the Saturday dance along with their friends and former members Dick and Donna Noeske.

Take time to look at the photos of the weekend on our website:


Jeanne Hartwig,
February 28, 2014

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