Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

September 2013

Our 'Summer into Fall' weekend was gorgeous with perfect weather; not very hot and a beautiful moon to view each night!

Steve and Sharon Cormier were the host and hostess for the weekend. We thank them for a great job along with thanks to everyone who helped them throughout the weekend.

We danced and camped at Theme World RV Resort in Davenport, FL the 3rd weekend of the month (9/20 - 9/21). Early birds arrived on Thursday and after many yellow rocks* and updates on our lives, some of us traveled to Applebee's for dinner.

Throughout Friday, the rest of the group arrived, more yellow rocks* and updates! Sharon Cormier had lunch ready for us: sausage sandwiches with onions and green peppers along with desserts...and after socializing away the afternoon....some of us traveled off to Applebee's once again for dinner!

Our Friday night dance was fun as always...the fact we were few in number did not deter us from having a grand time dancing. Just around the time the dance began, a young couple came in to watch us with their 3 daughters and son (his age, 5, the girls were 6, 8 and 9). The excitement these children showed for what we were doing was just overwhelming. Even more overwhelming was the fact that when Ron asked the children if they would like to dance, all four of them were excited to try! They did so well and were so proud as were all of us! Check out the September photos to see them in action! Thanks, Eddie, for taking the pictures.

Next morning, Steve, along with Phil and Tom H., served up pancakes along with Sharon's contribution of little sausages, all very delicious. When we were all finally sitting down the group sang Happy Birthday to Deanna....she was surprised!

The afternoon was spent socializing for most and resting for some! I noticed while sitting out one of the little girls coming out of her home with crayons and paper....I thought she was just going to color....but I did notice how she kept looking over at us every so often while she sat working at a nearby picnic table. Well, just before we went to set up the hall for dinner, she came over and gave us 6 drawings she had made; on one she had drawn our camping logo! They can be seen on our website. We took them with us to the hall and taped them up as our decorations for the evening! They will now be given to our historian to keep with all our other 082 memorabilia.

Our thanks to Steve and Sharon for providing most of the food for our Saturday dinner. We had baked potatoes, salad, food brought by other members and we did food on several grills. Our dessert was a beautiful cake in honor of Ron and Sue's 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Saturday's dance was also a super time, especially since we danced to 'Beautiful Noise'! That song should be made mandatory at every dance! Thanks to Ron for all he does to make our time fun, fun and more fun!

Thanks to John and Phil for filling in for our traveling President. They are so smooth while getting the job done!

We were glad to see and have the company of former members Dick and Nancy Fournier for the weekend. We look forward to having them visit again.

On a personal note: I have been a square dancer since 1986 and I never have or would dance the man's part, my feeling being I have never been taught how (especially the courtesy turn, twirling and promenading). Well, for the final Saturday night tip we were short of men so Ron filled in the patter call. When he went to put on a singing call, I thought here is my chance! I asked the square to help me and they, along with Ron, were all so great! It was fun but I felt like a beginner - I may try again another year! My biggest goof was forgetting to turn left for a left allemande! Thanks to all in the square for your help!

Check out our 'See us in Action' segment for this months photos!

*Square dance term for 'hugs'.

Jeanne Hartwig
September23, 2013

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