Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

March 2013


Hitch 'n Go 082's own version of March Madness took place the 3rd weekend of the month at Cypress Campground & RV Park in Winter Haven, FL.

Two couples arrived early on Wednesday the 13th of March. Thanks to George and Sandy Oakes for the  tasty birthday cake for Tom Hartwig; we gobbled it up quick!

By Thursday afternoon, we had 6 more couples arrive. Dinner plans were soon made with 2 couples eating in, 2 couples going to Sonny's and 4 couples dining at Outback. Quite a few members went to the campground's Jam Session later that evening. John Ruppel played his banjo and sang, much to everyone's enjoyment!

Friday we had almost all present with the arrival of 4 more couples. One couple was unable to arrive until Saturday morning and another couple came by on Saturday to socialize and join us for potluck.

Four men went golfing Friday morning.

Al and Mary Teschner were host and hostess for the weekend with help from other members. Due to  the campground using the big hall for bingo for its residents, we danced Friday night in the smaller hall. Quite small, with a pool table taking up a fair amount of the room. So, our caller Ron Reardon set up his equipment by an open window which enabled us to dance both inside and outside! It was different and fun!

Saturday morning found us in the big hall enjoying a pancake breakfast. Soon the board meeting followed and before we knew it, it was time for lunch - our hosts had meatball sandwiches ready for all of us.

After chilling out for the afternoon, not to mention our cooks working hard preparing their concoctions for our chili cook-off, it was time to go to the potluck dinner!

We had 9 members with chili entries - there was chicken chili, hot and spicy chili, mild and medium chili. Ace Taylor, Lloyd Floyd and Bill Kopp were our brave tasters and judges. After a slight deliberation the winners were announced: 3rd place went to Sue Reardon, who was awarded a can of black beans; 2nd place went to Leda Nofsinger, who was awarded a necklace and 1st place went to Jeanne Hartwig, who was awarded a necklace and a spear! I can tell you...Jeanne Hartwig's recipe appears on most Bush's kidney bean cans at any supermarket! But, I can't tell you her one secret ingredient she added!

Both our Friday and Saturday dances were visited by residents from the campground. Walking into the big hall on Saturday was a real eye-opener, with most of the chairs occupied by visitors from the park! It was hard to pick out a member of our chapter among the folks! They were so enthused to see us dance!

It was wonderful to see Carl Rod and his wife Betsy, a big thank you to him for cueing rounds.

We were very happy to have several guest couples from other camping chapters and clubs dancing with us both nights. We now have another   associate couple in our 082 family: welcome to   Pop and Sally Holbrook.

After several tips, Ron had the members get a non-dancing partner onto the floor and we had a great time not just showing the folks the fun we have but we had them dancing with us and truly enjoying themselves! Ron does a super job putting the folks at ease, keeping them moving along and showing them how much fun square dancing truly is!

Check out the photos on this website at: 'See us in action'. Thanks to George and Sandy Oakes for taking photos along with me, using my camera and theirs.

Jeanne Hartwig
March 19, 2013

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