Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

February 2013


A fabulous 4th weekend of February was enjoyed by our members and guests at the Sunshine Travel  RV Park in Vero Beach. By Friday afternoon, we had 14 member rigs and one guest couple in attendance.  Caller Sonny McCartney and his wife Judy camped and joined in with our activities. Quite a few arrived Thursday and we had 22 persons dining at Capt. Hiram's while enjoying an awesome view of the Indian River.

Host and hostess for the weekend were Ace and Ann Taylor. They did an outstanding job. They had help from many members, especially Phil and Deanna Sortore with setting up the hall along with Phil helping with pancakes. Jim Kelly brought in his refrigerator/freezer for use as there were no kitchen facilities at the campground.

Our Presidents Al and Mary Teschner were unable to attend this camp-out due to illness; our Vice President John Ruppel did a super job holding onto the reins and keeping us in line!

Although Valentine's Day had passed, the theme for the weekend was: 'Valentine's Day (plus a week)'. The scheduled game to be played Saturday afternoon was: 'Identify our 082 young lovers'. Couples were asked to write a short paragraph describing how they met. Participation was voluntary, however, many members took part. After all the narratives were read, the attendees tried to match the couples with the narratives. Deanna Sortore did a great job, getting 7 correct; Laureen Kelly and Eivor Brown each had 6 correct....and their prizes: Valentine candy!

But before that activity began,  we all were treated to an ice cream social, served up by the Taylors along with help from Phil Sortore. Plenty of ice cream and toppings for all. And of course, once again, those activities included much laughter and fun all around. It was nice to see Bob and Terry Danza, who stopped by to visit.

On Friday our member Roger Tipps came by and visited for a few hours with folks as they all sat under the park's giant umbrella located near the pool.

During our pot-luck on Saturday, Sharon Cormier handed out to members our new 2013 member directories. Our grateful thanks to her. Some of the fellows went golfing on Friday morning; the golf buddy was given to Ray Nofsinger.

Our Friday and Saturday dances were high energy fun. We had 4 squares on the floor most tips. We had guests visit who reside at the campground. Several were both square and round dancers and quite a number of residents stopped by to observe. At the Saturday dance, our caller, Ron Reardon, asked our members to find a visitor and get them on the dance floor where he proceeded to introduce them to our square dance activity. From the smiles and the laughter, everyone could see they were enjoying themselves.

It was great to walk into the hall and see Joanne Helton on the stage cueing rounds for us. She cued a wide variety of fun rounds. Her husband Ken was there and he was able to round dance for part of the evening.  It also was fun squaring up with them.

Check out: 'See us in action' on this website for photos of the weekend.

Jeanne Hartwig
February 26, 2013

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