Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

December 2013

Blueberry Hill  RV Resort 

It was with great sadness when we heard Janet Shankle passed away - she was our Chapter cuer for many years; she was a charter member of 082. She will be greatly missed by our members who came to love her dearly over the years.

Our December campout (27/28) took place at Blueberry Hill Resort in Bushnell. FL. Hosts/hostesses were Phil/Deanna Sortore, George/Sandy Oakes and Eddie/Joyce Julian. Tom and I did not camp for the weekend however we went Saturday for the meetings and potluck dinner.  We surprised everyone when we arrived with Bobbie Collins, past member of 082. We were all delighted to have her spend the day with the dancers.

I was able to glean some information to report: I heard many of the couples arrived early on Thursday, the 26th. Several enjoyed dining at a Mexican restaurant while others visited and enjoyed a German restaurant. It was great to see the Eversoles camping this month; they were visited by their son Clifton and his friend Jacqueline (more on them later). Lloyd Floyd was present after a lengthy illness. John and Dolly Ide rejoined as Associate Members for 2014. Caught up with our President Al and wife Mary for a short time before they departed due to Mary not feeling well. Caller/cuer Mike Gormley from Sebring and his wife Colleen, camped for the weekend. He offered to and did help us by cueing for the round dancers Friday and Saturday nights.

Al and the rest of the board had a 10 o'clock meeting after breakfast Saturday morning. At 2 our caller, Ron Reardon, held a workshop which gave many of us attending some eye-openers. During the workshop Ron had Clifton and Jacqueline join in a tip where he led them through several calls and soon they were square dancers! Always fun with Ron!

5 o'clock found us ready for a delicious potluck dinner; ham supplied by the club along with sides and desserts brought by everyone. Following dinner, we had our general meeting, led by our Vice President John Ruppel. Tom, Bobbie and I departed for home immediately after. Check out the photos for December under 'Watch us in Action'

'Eddie gave Ron the Golf Buddy!'

Jeanne Hartwig
December 29, 2013

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