Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

April 2013


Our April camp-out took place during the 3rd weekend (19/20) at Wekiva Falls Resort, Sorrento, FL. Hosts and hostesses were Tom and Eivor Brown along with Tom and Jeanne Hartwig.

Seven couples arrived early on Thursday the 18th. Lucky them! That evening, Phil Sortore treated the campers to Klondike bars which were enjoyed while sitting around a picnic table near the falls. Thanks, George, for joining Phil in the quest for those bars!

At Friday night's dance, we had guests: Doug/Beth Meyers; by evening's end, they were Associate Members of Hitch 'n Go!  Roger Tipps came by earlier in the day and stayed for the dance.

Saturday night we were pleased to see our cuer Jan Shankle - it was her birthday so we celebrated with a cake. Thank you to George Oakes for picking up the cake and to Sandy Oakes for designing Jan's beautiful card which we all signed. Joyce and Eddie Julian also arrived this day; Eddie up to his left elbow in surgical paraphernalia! Caller/cuer Mike Gormley arrived on Saturday to camp in his new truck camper for the evening, so he was able to join  us at our potluck and dance. Our caller, Ron Reardon, asked Mike to call a tip and it was fun; everyone enjoyed all of the evening's dancing.

Thanks to all who helped the hosts/hostesses throughout the weekend. Especially George and Sandy Oakes who are always willing to help...and to Laureen Kelly and Ann Taylor for helping to set up the hall for our potluck. We appreciate how they dove into helping in every way - especially having the cute pixie-like supervisor watching and directing our every move! She knows who she is!

Check out this month's photos!. 

Jeanne Hartwig
April 25, 2013

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