Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

September 2012

Hitch 'n Go's season of camping AND dancing returns!

WHERE: Theme World, Davenport, FL

WHEN: September 28/29/2012.

WHO: Hosts/Hostesses: Eddie/Joyce Julian, Tom/Jeanne Hartwig; along with much
appreciated help from John/Wilma Ruppel!

Nine member rigs: Those mentioned along with Fredda Barlow and her brother Vince, Steve/Sharon Cormier, George/Sandy Oakes, Ron/Sue Reardon, Phil/Deanna Sortore and Al/Mary Teschner.

Two guest rigs: John/Karen Lowe and Ray/Leda Nofsinger.

WHAT: A few early arrivals Wednesday, several more Thursday, rest all set up by Friday. We had beautiful weather our entire stay. Days were spent setting up and catching up on news with couples dining out at Cracker Barrel Thursday and Italian fare Friday.

Some of the men went golfing Friday morning. Friday's dance was excellent, everyone was enthused to get into a square! Wilma baked a cake, which we enjoyed during the dance, to honor Sandy and Deanna's birthdays.

Saturday was our pancake breakfast and by mid-afternoon it was time for our root beer floats donated by the hosts/hostesses. While enjoying their floats, our members and guests were put to a test; a poem was read and then they had to answer questions regarding the poem.... to see how their comprehension knowledge compared to FL tenth graders...our folks are Mensa members!

It was not long before it was time for our pot-luck where we presented a cake to John and Wilma in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary. Then it was dance time again! Three and a half guest couples came from the area to join us.

Before the weekend was over, we had new members...welcome to the Hitch 'n Go family to Ray and Leda Nofsinger.

Our sincere thanks to Sandy for all the wonderful cards she designs and has ready for us to sign at each outing (there were 5 this month!)....they are all beyond beautiful and we appreciate her devotion.

Jeanne Hartwig,
October 1, 2012

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