Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

November 2012

Gobble, Gobble!!

Our camping outing this month took place at Sanlan Ranch RV Park in Lakeland, FL. Due to Thanksgiving, we gathered the third weekend of the month, November 16 and 17. Our hosts and hostesses were Bill and Eileen Kopp along with Dan and Sue Ann Eversole. They did an outstanding job throughout the weekend providing everyone with memories to remember!

By Friday evening's dance, we had 15 rigs in attendance. Excellent turnout for our Thanksgiving themed get-together. Before our casual dance that evening, our hosts/hostesses provided a delectable pizza dinner for us! They brought in ten boxes of 16 inch pizzas, many different varieties to choose from along with salad. I overheard many raves regarding the salad dressing they also provided.

On Friday morning four men went golfing - not sure how the golfing went - however, comments were made they were comfortable golfing due to the cooler weather.

Friday evening's dance was lively and fun. One couple from the area joined us - happy to say they returned for Saturday's dance along with 4 other couples in the area. Campground residents visited also. It was wonderful to see 4 squares on the floor most of Saturday evening! Thanks to our caller, Ron Reardon, for supplying us with fun and laughter. It was noticed both nights he was having as much fun as we were!

Saturday morning started out in such a scrumptious way, again thanks to our hosts and hostesses. Once again, they provided us with a delicious meal - pancakes with fruit topping and whipped cream! They outdid themselves with this delightful meal for us!

After the board meeting which followed breakfast, our hosts and hostesses had games set up for our enjoyment. We played bean bags and golf ladder game. Prices were given out to several couples - gold and silver Hershey bars! What a clever idea.

We were asked by the hosts/hostesses several months prior to this outing to prepare a center-piece for our Saturday pot luck dinner, depicting what Thanksgiving means to us. There were nine center-pieces, once again prizes were awarded. CASH prizes supplied by the hosts/hostesses! Three couples left dinner that evening wealthier than when they arrived.

The Thanksgiving dinner!! What a spread! Turkey was provided by the hosts/hostesses. They had orange tablecloths on all the tables along with the above mentioned center-pieces, napkins and candy corn.  Members brought every dish imaginable! The time we spent together was wonderful...Bill, Eileen, Dan and Sue Ann worked very hard and went over and above what they needed to do to make the dinner the perfect get-together it was.

Following the meal, the general meeting was held at which time we had election of officers. 2013 slate of officers: President, Al & Mary Teschner; VP, John & Wilma Ruppel; Secretary, Tom & Jeanne Hartwig; Treasurer, Fredda Barlow. They will be installed into office at our January campout.

Once again, our thanks to Bill, Eileen, Dan and Sue Ann for a grand weekend!

Jeanne Hartwig,
November 19, 2012

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