Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

March 2012


For our March outing, members and guests ventured to a new location: Cypress Campground in Winter Haven, FL - March 23 - 25. A very nice spot, it is always convenient to be within walking distance of Wal-mart!

As there were many snowbirds still residing there, we were spread out throughout the spacious grounds; however, a nice size tent canopy was set up near the pool which made a very convenient area for folks to meet and relax together whenever they wanted.

We had 20 rigs gathered by Friday afternoon. Hosts and hostesses were Jim/Laureen Kelly and Phil/Deanna Sortore. They provided a club-sponsored pizza/salad dinner before our casual dance Friday evening. The entire weekend ran very smoothly under their guidance.

We all were in awe of the huge hall where we had our meals, dancing and after-parties. Tables and cushioned chairs were set up across the hall with plenty of room to dance. A beautiful area for our pizza dinner, pancake breakfast, pot-luck dinner and after-parties.

We had several guests from the campground and other areas who joined in dancing both nights. On Saturday night, our cuer, Jan Shankle, brought a guest who danced with Jan's son, Dennis. We also had Mike Gormley, a caller/cuer from Sebring stop in on Saturday night. He graciously agreed to call a tip; it is always fun to dance to a new caller.

We had quite a few 'watchers' at both dances, young and older. Saturday night, our caller, Ron Reardon, had several of them out on the floor as he gave a short lesson - they all enjoyed themselves, thanking everyone for the good time they had! One was the manager of the campground, she was there both nights taking photos, we all were so glad when she got on the floor to join in the fun!

By the way, we had 5 squares dancing Saturday - a terrific turnout for 082!

The plan for Saturday night: Members were to come clad in their club outfits so that just before the square dancing began at 8 PM, all gathered together for a group picture. Our thanks to our three guests who manned the cameras - Karen Lowe, Mike Gormley and Steve Powers. All the photos are now posted on our website in 'See us in Action' - two new photos are at the top of the page.

Looking at all those photos has to put a smile on your face!

Our webmaster, Bruce Morgan, does an awesome job setting up the site each month.

Phil Sortore gave the golf buddy to Jim Kelly.

Welcome to new members Bob and Pat Jones from Lake Placid, FL.

Jeanne Hartwig,
March 28, 2012

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