Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

June 2012

June, July and August are social months for Hitch 'n Go. However we try to plan camping get- to-gethers for our group for as many who can participate.

Five couples met at Jetty Park by Port Canaveral during the 5th weekend of June, 2012 (June 28 to July 1). Cormiers (with their little grand-daughter for a short while), Hartwigs, Julians, Kellys (with Laureen's sister and her husband, and the Kelly's daughter and grand-children came with their camper) and Ruppels (along with their son and daughter-in-law), all were camped fairly close together at the park, which has undergone some very nice improvements. Tom & Eivor stopped by one afternoon to visit.

Our first excitement was waking up very early Friday morning to take in the launch of a Delta rocket set to go up around 6 AM! However, after several delays, it finally blasted away a little after 9 AM. We were all amazed at the noise it made, which seemed to go on forever.

We spent our time at the beach or sitting around our campsites, mostly by the Kellys because they had canopies set up; catching up on everyone's news. Watched quite a number of cruise ships come and go. The Disney 'Dream' being escorted out to sea by dolphins was fun to watch.

Then it was exciting to go on the beach two evenings with our kites! We entertained quite a number of beach goers! Some people were even taking photos of the kites.

The weekend came to an abrupt end way too quickly when June turned into July and it was time to head home (for some of us....a few stayed an extra day). It really ended on a very nice note because the Kellys invited everyone for Sunday breakfast - Jim whipped up pancakes, bacon and fried eggs along with orange juice, coffee and a delicious blueberry coffee cake made by Laureen's sister Dorothy.

Jeanne Hartwig,
July 3, 2012

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