Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

July 2012

Hitch 'n Go Chapter 082 has been very quiet this month!

Two couples - our Presidents and our Chapter Reps, traveled to Amana, IA for the 55th annual International NSDCA Camporee which took place July 17 - 19.

We have couples spending the summer months in GA and the Carolinas. Several of our other folks have traveled there to visit with them this month.

Two couples traveled to MA - one will be spending many weeks in the Berkshires; another spent several days in Salem.

One of our couples traveled across the states to visit family and friends in WI.

Finally, one of our dancers, a very proud and loving Grandma, spent a great week this month with her 3 grandsons while they attended baseball camp, taking them fishing and cooking supper for them every night.

No other square dance/camping news has been forthcoming... 

Jeanne Hartwig,
July 29, 2012

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