Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

January 2012


On the first day of January 2012 we ended our December camping weekend in S. Daytona Beach, FL.

By the third weekend of the new year (the 20th & 21st) we were back on the road again for our January campout, which took place at Olde Mill Stream RV Resort in Umatilla, FL. We had superb weather throughout - on both days it was hard to find a cloud in the sky.

13 rigs arrived early on Thursday, which must be a record! After setting up and socializing, everyone went to The Inn for dinner. Afterwards, it was suggested we head back to the campground hall and play card bingo. We now have quite a few new members so many of them had no idea what they were about to play but they all were good sports. Not sure how many would be keen to play again!

As more rigs pulled in on Friday, members spent the time unloading and setting up their items for our annual white elephant, bake sale and auction, all of which was held first thing Saturday morning. Friday evening's dance was fun as usual with our caller Ron Reardon doing the honors.

There were so many items for our white elephant sale, a table full of baked goods and plenty of items to set up for a super auction. Thanks to everyone for their support and donations. A pleasant surprise for all of us was the great turnout of campground residents who came not only to look around but also to buy our items! Thanks to all the women who spent time pricing and organizing. A big thank you to Jim Kelly who always does a super job as auctioneer and to Roger Tipps and Phil Sortore for helping him.

Once again, as they did last year, our Activities Directors George and Sandy Oakes took over the responsibility for our Saturday night potluck dinner which in the past had been hosted by the outgoing officers. Along with the help of Dick and Nancy Fournier and Fredda Barlow, they gave us a delicious meal of spaghetti, meatballs, sausage, salad and bread set out on beautifully decorated tables. An anniversary cake celebrating our club's 38th year was dessert. Our sincere thanks to all of them for doing such a wonderful job honoring the present and future officers of Chapter 082.

Our early rounds on Saturday evening started at 7:15 so we could have installation of our 2012 officers at 7:45 before the dance: President, Al and Mary Teschner; Vice President, Steve and Sharon Cormier; Secretary, Tom and Jeanne Hartwig; Treasurer, Tom and Eivor Brown. Thank you to Ace Taylor for doing the installation.

Most of the evening we had 6 squares on the floor, enjoying Ron's calling and Jan Shankle's cueing. This is the time and place where we meet up with many square dance friends from Canada - we may see them all again at our International Camporee in Iowa in July. A wine and cheese after-party followed the dance.

We enjoyed spending the weekend with guests John and Karen Lowe along with Win and Maria Schurz.

Yellow Rocks and big thanks to Sharon Cormier for once again volunteering to provide members with a new up-to-date Hitch 'n Go directory - it contains everything 082 members need to know about their chapter! Beautiful, Sharon!

A personal note - I came into the weekend and left the weekend with one nasty cold. On Friday afternoon, I was gathered with a few of the women who were oohing and aahing about me not sounding too good. I made the following comment: 'Well, hubby Tom did a very sweet thing - he went and bought me tissues for a sore nose'. I noticed Ann looking very bewildered - she looked at me and asked, 'What does that mean, two shoes for a sore nose?' Let me tell you, we spent a long time laughing and teasing her about it the entire weekend...possibly will long into the future!

Jeanne Hartwig,
January 24, 2012

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