Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

April 2012


What a Crazy Weekend!

'A Crazy Weekend' was the theme for our April 19th to 21st campout (3rd weekend) at Wekiva Falls Resort in Sorrento, FL! Hosted by Ace and Ann Taylor, along with Dave and Kaye Benne, we had a fun-filled time with fellowship and an abundance of laughs.

We had 9 rigs arrive early on Thursday. After settling in, everyone went out for dinner at the Smokehouse on Rte. 46. Good food; hopefully by our next visit the coleslaw will have been improved! 

By Friday afternoon, we had 17 rigs. 5 of the guys went golfing and later the golf buddy was given to Steve Cormier by Jim Kelly. 

The 'crazy' weekend began Saturday afternoon when our hosts provided us with root beer floats. Well, the floats were not crazy, they were delicious. Right after we all had our fill, our hosts had us playing 'crazy bridge' - which they assured us quite often was not really 'bridge'. Very easy to play when we got the hang of it. The male/female winners (we played on our own) were a couple camping with us who are members of the Strawberry Travelers, Chapter 153, John and Karen Lowe. Ace, Ann, Dave and Kaye were very pleased with the perfect attendance of our members and guests who were playing to win!

The real craziness took place at our potluck - we were asked to wear crazy hats during the meal. They were crazy alright! I still have to chuckle when I think of Ann's! Then hats were judged and prizes given out. George Oakes and Mary Teschner took away those useful items!

Lauren, granddaughter of Jim and Laureen Kelly, is applying for a square dance scholarship. Throughout the weekend our caller Ron Readon taught and couples danced with her through many calls. She did an outstanding job and we all had great fun cheering her on.

Both nights our dances were filled with great music, fun dancing and plenty of laughter!

You can catch plenty of the action viewing photos taken during the weekend here on the website. 

Jeanne Hartwig,
April 26, 2012

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