Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

September 2011


Our September outing took place at Theme World RV in Davenport, FL during the weekend in which autumn began: September 23rd to 25th. We had beautiful weather with just a short period of rain, but it was still very hot, like summer!

10 member rigs gathered together along with several guests. An NSDCA meeting was held on Saturday afternoon, which brought in several other square dancers visiting for the day.

Sandy and George were host and hostess; they made the weekend welcoming and very enjoyable for all of us.

Friday morning several of the fellows went golfing - at our Saturday potluck meeting, George presented Tom H. with the Golf Buddy - an award that circulates among the golfers, given out for some extraordinary golf feat! After the next monthly golf game, it will be Tom's job to decide who gets Buddy!

By Friday evening, all the square dancers were waiting for our caller, Ron Reardon, to strike up his music so the dancing could begin...counting the month of September, since we danced late in the month...most of us had not danced for about 4 months and we were ready to get out on the floor!

We were very fortunate to have Carl Rod and his lovely wife, Betsy, come by on Saturday night; he did rounds for us and also called a tip with Ron.

A very moving letter sent from Dot & Bill was read to the membership at our potluck meeting; Dot thanking everyone for cards, prayers, etc. The letter has been given to our club historian, Eivor, to file and have available for members absent from our September outing to be able to read at a later date.

Jeanne Hartwig,

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