Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

October 2011


It is unanimous among our Hitch 'n Go members and guests: Our 2011 FANSDC Camp-o-ree was a huge success! The festivities were held at the Wekiva Falls Resort in Sorrento, FL October 27 - 30. We had 12 rigs and several guests joining our Chapter during the weekend.

The days were filled with many activities starting with Thursday night's Hawaiian themed casual dance with luau costumes. Our Chapter sponsored the ice cream social after the dance which is always a great time for us to see and greet everyone. We participated in the Hawaiian Trivia game.

On Friday campers took part in sports and games, followed by the general meeting. We had our potluck following the workshops and before the evening dance. Most dancers were dressed in the white and orange Florida state outfits.

Saturday started very early with the golfers' tournament - thanks to Phil and Tom H. for a super job well done!

While crafts and the white elephant sale took place several of our ladies handed out the $5 bags. Thanks to Mary for a very time-saving suggestion and to Joyce, Wilma, Nancy and Sharon for their hard work!

The fashion show was very colorful!

It is with great sadness we report the passing of our member Dennis Barlow. His memorial was held Saturday afternoon. Several of our members left the Camp-o-ree to attend and to represent our Chapter.

Workshops and final sports and games were followed by a catered dinner. Soon it was time to gather for the Grand March and more super dancing!

There were 16 squares starting on the floor for both Friday and Saturday nights. The callers, cuers and line-dance instructors worked hard giving us some outstanding dances. Thanks to all.

Before we headed home Sunday, Phil and Deanna along with Jim and Laureen, cooked up a scrumptious breakfast for us. They always feed us so well. Thanks to Sandy and George for providing and setting up the supplies as were needed.

Welcome to our new members, John and Wilma Ruppel - we look forward to sharing our up-coming campouts with them.

Please check out our website section: 'See us in Action' for photos of the Camp-o-ree and several other previous campouts.

Jeanne Hartwig,

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