Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

May 2011


Our May campout, held at SanLan Ranch in Lakeland, FL during the third weekend of May (May 20-21) was a fairly laid-back event. Due to the low attendance, with many of our members having escaped the heat of Florida for their abodes up North, we had a 'casual' weekend.
By Friday afternoon, we had 8 couples set up camp. Several of those couples had arrived on Thursday. That day, most of them went to eat dinner at Gator Dockside, where, once again, they came back with great reviews; so that quite a few went back to eat there again on Friday! Since we did not dance Friday night, some of us went to the hall and played card bingo...now if you never played that game, next time you see Deanna, have her tell you all about it!
It was nice to have 082 member Roger Tipps, NSDCA Membership Secretary, stop by for a short visit Friday afternoon.
Six of the fellows went golfing Saturday morning and upon their return we had our board meeting outside under the shady trees. Our pot-luck and general meeting were held in the hall soon after.
Our caller Ron Reardon and his wife, Sue, arrived in plenty of time for the dance at 8, followed by an after party. All too quickly it was time to depart for home Sunday morning.
Couples attending: Brown, Cormier, Fournier, Hartwig, Julian, Oakes, Reardon, Sortore, Teschner.
Our Activities Directors are Sandy and George Oakes. As such, they are responsible to recruit volunteer hosts (2 couples) for each campout while also maintaining inventory and puchasing needed supplies using monies from the kitty fund. They reported at our last meeting they had already filled all the slots for 2012, needing just one host couple for December of that year!
Sandy and George both go over and above what their duties call for...Sandy, upon hearing about any concerns among our members, will design and construct greeting cards for all members to sign before she mails them. George is always right there to lend a helping hand, no matter what the circumstance.
They have once again signed up to be hosts for our January 2012 campout, normally the Board's responsibility; with Sandy having stated to us, "The Board can decide what they want to eat, I will cook it!"
Well, upon hearing about Sandy's comment, our Vice-President Laureen Kelly has advised: "The Board wants Sandy and George to know: Sandy will not keep us out of the kitchen again!"

Jeanne Hartwig,

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