Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

January 2011


Our January outing took place at Olde Mill Stream in Umatilla during the 5th weekend, January 28/29.

We had our annual sales/auctions and also had a raffle for a quilt which was donated by Mary and Al Teschner and won by Deanna and Phil Sortore. Proceeds from the quilt raffle went to the American Heart Association Orlando Chapter in memory of Richard Pusl, a former member. Before our Saturday dance, we had the installation of our officers. Thank you Ace for officiating.

A special thank you to our Canadian friends Kim and Lillian Hamilton for volunteering to do rounds Friday night - thanks to Joanne and Ken Helton for the Saturday rounds. Our caller, Ron Reardon, was on the mark keeping us entertained!

Thank you to other Canadian friends Thomas and Barbara Haffie for their help obtaining the hall and helping with our flyers - continued improved good health to you, Thomas.

Thank you to Sharon Cormier for printing up new 2011 directories for the members. They provide everything we need to know about Chapter 082.  To Joyce & Lee Whitten for ordering and bringing the Anniversary Cake, 082's 37th!

Something very new occurred this month: Usually the officers of the board prepare and serve up the January Saturday potluck to the members. This year, thanks to the initiative of our activities directors, Sandy and George Oakes, along with help from Dot and Bill Nimmons and other club members, they not only prepared and served up a spaghetti dinner to the board and members....they also, in a very big way, honored the four couples who have served in the various offices for several, if not many, years. President Phil/Deanna Sortore; Vice President Jim/Laureen Kelly; Secretary Tom/Jeanne Hartwig; Treasurer Tom/Eivor Brown.

The officers were told to wait outside while preparations were completed in the hall...well, it probably should be known it is not a good idea to leave those 8 people alone...together...someone had the idea to sneak around to the back...as they passed the men's restroom...well, they ended up, all 8 of them, squeezing into that little space! They soon were found out and made to go to the front again!

Special thanks go out to: The Escorts: Steve & Sharon Cormier, Eddie & Joyce Julian, Ace & Ann Taylor, Ron & Sue Reardon, Lee & Joyce Whitten.  To Bill & Dot Nimmons for the wonderful decorations and to Dot for her beautiful poem. To Jeanette Riley for her photos. To Aaron for ushering. Thanks to everyone for helping on the decorating, preparation and the clean-up.

Last but not least: A humongous thank you to George & Sandy Oakes. For the birth of your idea, for how it grew into something so overwhelming for all of us; the officers could never had imagined something so grand being done for them. It was an awesome weekend with laughter and fun for everyone attending!

Jeanne Hartwig,

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