Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

February 2011


Finally! The weather for our February campout was finally warm and very pleasant! We gathered 15 rigs strong at the Floridian RV Resort in St. Cloud, FL during the third weekend of the month -  February 18 - 20, 2011. One of the couples camping with us came from PA, they belong to Chapter 106 - we enjoyed socializing and dancing with Maria and Win.

I know a few of us turned our heaters on in our RVs in the early mornings to take away the chill, but each day was so very comfortable; we were able to have Saturday breakfast and our Board meeting outdoors. Saturday's pancake breakfast was served up by host Tom Hartwig with the help of Phil Sortore. Tom and I thank all the 082 members who helped us in so many ways over the weekend.

We missed our cuers, Jan and Pete Shankle; Jan was not feeling well - we hope to see her at our next outing.

We had too many members under the weather this month and we missed them all. We were glad to see Dick Fournier stop by in his golf cart Saturday morning and then he and Nancy spent time with us at the Saturday dance. They came by with Joyce and Lee Whitten because our Activities Directors, Sandy and George, wanted to honor the Fourniers with a presentation which Dick and Nancy missed in January - honoring them for their many years of service to 082.

You can check out the complete presentation to our entire Board, along with many photos, at our website at www.floridasquaredance.com/hitchngo/pictures/January2011/january2011.html

Sandy and George also reported our 'adopted' Marine Philip is back home again from his latest tour of duty in Afghanistan!

Did you ever give a party and no one came? Well, I heard that this was the second year in a row a birthday party, along with cake, was to take place over the weekend in my honor....and I didn't show up for either one!  First year I did get a smidgen of the cake, this year, nothing!  I really do believe it is true what I was told....I think! (Or someone was pulling my leg!)

Jeanne Hartwig,

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