Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

December 2011



Farewell 2011 - Welcome 2012!

Our awesome December campout was held at the Daytona RV and Tropical Gardens Resort in South Daytona Beach. We had 13 member rigs along with 3 guest rigs camping the weekend of December 29, 2011 through Sunday January 1, 2012.

The weather was flawless, cool (cold?) at times, then warming up just enough so everyone could be outside gathered in groups either chatting or playing games, etc. (See photos on this website).

Hosts and Hostesses were Steve and Sharon Cormier along with Tom and Eivor Brown. What a fantastic weekend they had scheduled for us. Sharon planned and presented several meals to our membership and guests. More on those later....

Quite a number of rigs pulled in early on Thursday and one of our rituals - for those who care to -  is to dine out for an evening meal...Jim Kelly suggested a place called Steve's Famous Diner. Wow, it was also a fantastic place! I am sure I can state unequivocally everyone left there fully sated as plates of food were piled high with everything scrumptious! See photo of Laureen's eggplant dish on this website! I heard nary a complaint and I believe some folks returned to the diner on Friday!  

Along with the help of Eivor, Sharon provided lunch on Friday for members and guests who were present at the campground: a huge plate of antipasto and bread. See photo on this website. Delicious and very satisfying!

By Friday evening, we were ready to dance! Our caller Ron Reardon was in top form - you could not tell he recently had rotor cuff surgery. We thank him and Sue for being there with us to celebrate the weekend.

Then came Saturday....

First thing at 8 AM Sharon, along with Steve, Eivor and Tom Brown, presented breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage, homemade waffles, strawberries and all the trimmings. Later, board members had their meeting while other campers went about with various activities.

By 5 PM it was time for our potluck dinner...however...this dinner was different and very exceptional - Sharon, Steve, Eivor and Tom set out: ribs, pulled pork, chicken, baked beans, coleslaw, large and small baked and sweet potatoes, rolls and all the necessary condiments, etc. Very tasty and very well appreciated by all.  

Ace and Ann Taylor celebrated their 55th Anniversary on December 30, so a large cake was brought in honoring their achievement! Ann also received a huge vase of flowers from Ace which was used as a centerpiece during the meal.

Saturday evening's dance was great...3 squares on the floor for most of the time. It is always nice to have guests walk in the door.

Personal note: While setting up in the hall, the young lady who was at the front desk called me over and asked me what we were going to do. When I told her we were square dancers she replied she had never seen square dancing. I told her we would be dancing Friday/Saturday and she said she would bring a friend on Saturday night to watch us. Well, they came, but just at 10 when the dance was over. I quickly went up to Ron and asked him if he would do a little something to show the girls what we do....he had no hesitation whatsoever! We soon had 4 couples make up a square to dance as Ron called a short patter and part of a singing call. Thank you Ron for that! And thank you to the couples. I also noticed several people talking to the girls afterwards, I could tell the girls enjoyed it.

The afterparty followed the dance to welcome in the New Year! Our hosts had plenty of hats and noise makers for everyone.
I will not spoil Kaye and Dave Benne's surprise for the folks who were not present over the weekend...however, congrats you two, on your new 'addition'!

Another awesome aspect of the weekend: we gained more members! John and Dolly Ide, NSDCA Florida State Represetatives, joined 082 as Associate Members. Sherye Bradley was reinstated and Robert Wade and Sandie Galloway also became members.

Thank you to everyone, members and guests, for all the help supplied to our hosts throughout the weekend!

Jeanne Hartwig
January 4, 2012

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