Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

August 2011


Most of our members seem to be busy traveling, camping and otherwise enjoying the final social laid-back month of August before we start our dancing schedule at the end of September.

Had a report from one of our couples who spent several months in dry, hot Texas. Quite a number of the folks were gathered in the mountains of the Carolinas and Georgia where they were able to enjoy several nights of dancing together along with all the socializing they are known to do.

Had an excellent report back from the couple upon their return from a spectacular Disney cruise to Alaska. They enjoyed every aspect of the trip saying it was just fabulous with no problems or complaints, just fun, fun, fun throughout. 

I personally had a glorious August, spending 6 days with my kids and grandgirls in a cabin at Disney's Ft. Wilderness; then a week later we were back there with our motorhome for another 8 relaxing days.
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Jeanne Hartwig,

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