Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

September 2010


Our Chapter started camping and dancing in a big way after a 3 month summer hiatus! We gathered at the Floridian RV Resort in St. Cloud, FL on the 4th weekend of September. The weekend was hosted by Dick/Nancy Fournier and Tom/Jeanne Hartwig.

Several couples came early to start their R & R on Thursday, September 23rd. Once the lovebugs settled down, we were able to enjoy sitting outside catching up on everyone's news.

By Friday afternoon, all the campers had arrived; a few went out to dinner, while the rest ate at their campsites. Finally it was time to have our Friday night casual dance. Our caller for the weekend was Ron Reardon, who arrived earlier in the day with his lovely wife, Sue, his grandson, Aaron, and a couple who were mainstream dancers (and who also had a motorhome), Al & Mary.

Two of our couples who did not camp arrived for the Friday dance. Ron called alternating mainstream and plus tips both Friday and Saturday nights, giving everyone a chance to perhaps dance a few seldom-called figures!

Saturday morning hosts Dick and Tom served up a pancake breakfast; members Sandy and George, along with Nancy and Jeanne, provided additional help. After breakfast the officers had their board meeting, after which everyone did their own thing until it was time to meet in the hall in the early afternoon. Root beer floats were served up by our President, Phil. This was a treat for our members from a couple who live in Wisconsin and are friends with Laureen and Jim - Harvey and Diane - this was their way to show us their gratitude for the friendship we bestow on them when they visit our campouts.

The hosts, along with the Fournier's daughter and grandson, had a unique activity set up next: They had planned several games for our members to try from the TV gameshow 'Minute to Win It'! A few 082 members, along with Fournier daughter Sherry, Hartwig daughter-in-law Shelly, Fournier grandson, Zac, Reardon grandson Aaron and Hartwig granddaughter Ashley participated in such games as: Face the Cookie (get the cookie from your forehead to your mouth, no hands!), Pool Noodle (drop marbles through a pool noodle until you knock over 5 thick upright pieces of chalk!), On the Nose, (pick up several cotton balls with your nose dabbed with Vaseline and drop in basket!), each challenge to be done in one minute!! Thanks to all who participated and who provided laughter for those who did not! I am proud to relate the Hartwig girls walked off with the grand prizes!!

During our General Meeting, which followed our pot-luck dinner on Saturday, our President announced Ron Reardon will be our club caller. Welcome back to the Reardon family! During the dance, it was announced the Reardon friends, Al and Mary, joined our chapter! Warm welcome to Al and Mary!

Several years ago, 082 'adopted' a young Marine, Philip Pete, friends of Sandy and George. Philip is on his 3rd tour, now in Afghanistan. At our meeting it was unanimously agreed we would do something for Philip's group (7 men in a remote section of the country.) Our goal is to fill 10 'flat rate' post office boxes with as many donations as we can get from our members, fill them at our Oct. campout in time to be mailed for Christmas.

Jeanne Hartwig,

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